Write A Good Short Story, Then Why Not Enter 500 Words 2018


Do you have or know of any young budding authors out there who love to write and would write a good short story. If so, then why not let them know that Radio Two have their 500 Words writing competition for children. They can enter either individually or with their school.

Interested, then keep reading and I will tell you more about this competition.

What Is 500 Words 2018

Returning for another year is the Radio Two competition especially for kids who love to write short-stories. 500 Words is the biggest writing competition in the world for children.

500 words for Radio TwoHow Do You Enter

To enter this competition you need to use the Radio Two online submission form. This can be for your child or their school, this could be entries from just their own class or even the school as a whole. To get the submission form click below.

Closing Date For Entries

You have from NOW until 7pm sharp, on Thursday 22nd February to submit your stories. They have to be submitted using the online form which can be found on the Radio Two Website or by clicking the link above.

Register For A Submitter Account

To register for a Submitter’s Account, teachers, parents and guardians should follow the link below and once you have created your account, you can then use it for uploading an individual story or the stories from a full school using the new top tool.

To find out more information about entering your story for this year’s competition then please click the button below.

Before submitting your entries, please make sure that you read both the Rules and the Privacy Notice for the Competition. To see the Rules and Privacy Notice click on the links below.

  1. Rules.
  2. Privacy Notice.

Competition Prizes

The prizes for this year’s winners consist of:

A trip on the Thames where you will be treated to a fancy tea on the rowbarge Gloriana, who belongs to Her Majesty The Queen.  You will also attend the spectacular final of 500 words which takes place at Hampton Court Palace and you will be able to hear your winning stories being read live on radio by superstar celebrities.

As an extra-special prize for the 6 winners this year, we have arranged for Chitty Chitty Bang Bang to take them for a ride round the grounds of Hampton Court Palace.

 As well as the prizes above, each age category winner also receives

Gold Winners – The height of Chris Evans in books (they also get 500 books for their school).

Silver Winners – The height of HRH The Duchess of Cornwall in books.

Bronze Winners – The height of themselves in books.

To find out more about all the prizes then click the button below.

Important Dates To Remember

Start submitting your entries now as 500 Words 2018 is OPEN.

Chris Evans BSAt exactly 7pm sharp on Thursday 22nd February, the competition will close and no more entries will be accepted.

Then on Friday June 8th, the Final of 500 Words will be broadcast live on the Chris Evans’ Breakfast Show on BBC Radio Two and will come from Hampton Court Palace.

Do You Fancy Being A Judge

How would you like to be a judge for this year’s competition? If you are a Teacher or Librarian who is interested, then why not register a Judge Account and apply to be a volunteer judge.

To get more information on what you need to do to be one of the volunteer judges for the competition this year, visit the page on becoming a judge. Click on the pink button above that says Enter Here and you will also find where you can register to be a judge.

What Are You Waiting On, Lets Get Going

As the 500 Words Competition is a great place for letting go of your imagination, go now and get lost in that wonderful story of yours and write something amazing.

If you are looking for some tips and hints to help you and stop you from writers block please do not be afraid to visit our website on https://www.bbc.co.uk/500wordscompetition, where there is also the ability to download a learning pack from the Learn section.

500 words 2018 posterThis also lets you access the Live Lesson for the 500 Words where you can get advice from Charlie Higson and Frank Cottrell Boyce who are our celebrity judges as well as being able to get helpful hints that famous faces such as Lady Leshurr, Naomi Harris or Amanda Abbington have left in the video series of Story Starters.

Why not also have a look at the 500 Words Blog where you will be able to find great tips for creating excellent tales. These tips are written by great authors, some of the 5oo Word elves as well as previous winners.

If you are looking for inspiration then why not have a look at the video highlights for last year’s 500 Word winners and their stories which was held at the Tower of London.

My Overall Opinion

I really think that this is a great opportunity for the children out there who love to write as this is a great chance to get yourself known as well as letting people see what you are capable of producing.

To all the children out there, I say to you GO FOR IT. This could very well be your chance to be noticed and even better, you have as much chance as anybody else who enters of winning these great prizes. It could be the start of something new and great for you.

I really would love to hear some views on this article, please let me know if you have someone who has an interest in writing and they are going to enter this great Radio Two competition.

If you have any questions or feedback on this article, then please leave them in the comment section below or contact me at WealthyAffiliate.com and I will be more than happy to answer them.


Images – courtesy of Radio 2 and Daily Mail.




  1. Thank you for sharing.
    I know someone who is a wonderful storyteller in words. I would like to find a way to forward to her info about the competition. I look forward to reading more on these pages.

    1. Hi Sylvia, thank you and you are very welcome. I have answered both your comments on the other one, hope that this is alright for you. If you want to know more please let me know at any time.

  2. I read this page about competition requirements and realized that both of the writer’s I was thinking of are adults and the competition is for children. I will pas the website URL on to the female, she has a son. Perhaps he writes as well. One never knows.

    1. Hi Sylvia, the best way to give her the information is to either tell her to go to BBC Radio Two’s website or to give her one of the links that I provided. Either way, she would then get access to all that she needs to know if her son is interested in entering. The other thing you could advise her to do is to go online and read the article and she will get the links she needs as well. Thanks so much again for your interest in this article and I am pleased to see that it could be off help to you.

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