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What Sort of Reader Are You

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The type of reader you are can say a lot about the type of person you are. Are you a person who loves to read, hates reading or are you a bedtime reader. I love to read anywhere, everywhere and especially in bed at night.

I often wonder what kind of readers people all over the world are, so I thought it would be interesting do a bit of research and hopefully see what the overall outcome of what kind of readers we have and where most books are read. Whilst researching this I came across a few different kinds of book readers, and these are the categories I came across.

The Hate Reader

The person who is classed as a hate reader will do nothing but complain about the whole book being rubbish or the characters are poorly drawn as well as others factors but they will also read the book right to the end and will not admit they are actually enjoying the book as much as they are hating it. A book hate*g r will possibly close the book then throw it away but it will be done with a secret satisfaction that it feels good. Maybe you are a disgruntled, aspiring novelist yourself.

Books classed as hate reads could be like Twilight or Fifty Shades of Grey.

The Chronological Reader

A chronological reader is the type of person who will buy one book then read it before buying another then reading it or they will only borrow one book at a time from the library, read it then return before taking out another which they will then read. They are classed as being the tortoise to the lax reader’s hare who is distracted at any turn.

A time will come when you will not remember where you started, what the first book that began it all was and then you will have no idea where you will finish. One thing for sure though is that you will read each book both methodically and reasonably until you are at the end. There is a chance you may dismiss a book if you have good cause too but you will be very uneasy about it and you’ll start reading it again till you finish it. You will be the most reasonable among your friends as well as be very good at puzzles.

Suggested chronological reads are none, as you will get to all the books eventually so it really doesn’t matter.

The Book-Buster

A book-buster reader is the type of person who has a home strewn with books that are scattered everywhere. The books will be lying this way and that with the covers folded over, pages turned, their limbs splayed out at either side or the backs will be broken. It may be that as well as loving books you are also a book destroyer. You want to hug books tightly because adore them but don’t actually realise you are hurting them.

As you love your books so much you will keep them even when you’ve taken them out in the sun and the pages are bleached so much there is nothing on them, you have a paperback with chunks pulled out or even  a book that is waterlogged from the batch but is also a first edition.

A suggested read for a book-buster is anything you like but buy a kindle.

Delayed Onset Reader #1

Without a doubt, you are a book lover and can’t help yourself whenever you go into any place books are available or even a bookstore. You either buy one or many books then put them aside when you get home. You display them on a shelf or prop them up on your bedside table as if they were art and with the pages displayed to meet your eyes whenever you have the time. Days, weeks or months may pass by before you actually start to read one as you have been so busy.

Although it’s not for the lack of trying when you do finally get round to it you will be ecstatic with all the depth of emotion, humour, learning and the quality of the writing within the books which has been within your reach all along. You will be surprised that you took so long to ever start it.

Suggested reads for delayed onset #1 could be The Princess Bride by William Goldman, Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery or even Lolita by Nabolov.

Delayed Onset Reader #2

It seems that this type of reader does not love books but just buys them to show them off. They may have a library which is paneled with mahogany and be especially just for this purpose. But as they do not waste any time on reading books it is not worth the time even discussing them. If they ever do decide to read a book and even love it they can be classed as cured.

Suggested reads for the delayed onset #2 people could be books such as Pride and Prejudice, Gone With the Wine, The Chronicles of Narnia or even the Hobbit.

The Bookophile

Bottles of scents for old and new booksA person who is classed is a bookophile is someone who loves books much more than they love reading because they are old, for the way they smell, the yellowing of the pages and their crinkles. They also love new books as well for their smell and crispness of the new pages. There is nothing nicer for them than being in a bookstore and running their hands over a stack of books. They love books that are both either signed first editions or rescued from the street as well as liking paperbacks that have come from a drugstore as well as hardbacks that have just been released.  It is a fact that people classed as bookophiles like everything to do with books, they would never hurt them and just see them as an item of beauty.

Suggested reads for a bookophile would be almost anything they could lay their hands on.

The Anti-Reader

A person who is an anti-reader is someone like the version of a book who says “I never watch TV as I don’t even own one”. The never like to read books or blog posts because they think they are too long as well as penning comments which are saying “TLDR” to state that something can still be short and truly meaningful.

However, they can be either the lady or man who still protests too much as well as having deep insecurities with reading which has caused you to dislike books. Perhaps you could start by picking up a short book, open it and rest your eyes on it for a quiet moment, you never know, you may be able to change as a life without reading books is a sad life.

Books that are suggested for anti-readers are things like pop-up books, comics or even graphic novels.

The Cross-Under

The cross-under reader can either be a kid reading adult books or an adult who likes to read young adult or even kids books. After a lot of years, you no longer need to feel the shame as to your reading habits which people have questioned but you can take comfort within the approval of blogs about books and belong to the leaders. They do not get ruled by any categories, you think for yourself.

Years ago while in school, you were told by the librarian that the book you had selected was “Too old for you” but you did read it anyway and there has been no going back.

There are two lots of suggested reads for crossunders as there are the kids ones which are Dickens, Salinger Harper Lee and even Fitzerald, then for the adults, there is Lowry, Collins, Chbosky and even Rowling.

The Multi-Tasker

A multi-task reader can have more than one book on the go at the same time, instead of finishing one book then reading another they may start their day reading from one book, read a different book on the way to work then switch to reading a different book when they are at home and then another novelist when they are in bed. It must be hard not to confuse all the different plots or characters in the books. Do they make more time for some of the books than others? They may not be able to make a commitment to a book and they are doing ok reading them all just now. All in all, they seem to have a lot of irons in the fire at the same time.

The suggested reads for a multi-tasker are short stories, novels or essay collections.

The Sleepy Bedtime Reader

woman-falling-asleep-reading-book-bed-30470727The sleepy bedtime reader will most likely be the kind of person who thinks that the only time they have to read is when they are in bed. They take the book with them and because they are so comfortable and their book is so very good the fight to keep their eyes open, unfortunately, they are the kind who normally wake up during the night with the light still on and the book lying beside them still open. If they are at all lucky, there will be nobody there to witness what has happened and they decide to tell no one either. It is only them along with the characters who they are getting close to.

The suggested reads for a sleepy bedtime reader are just whatever takes your fancy to just sit in a chair with, that is unless you like to fall asleep with the book on your face or beside you.

Here is an updated list of more book-reader types  which you can visit and see if you fit into any of the categories if you do not fall into any of the ones I’ve already spoken about. 

I would be delighted if you could leave me a comment to let me know if you fit into any of the categories at all. Would be interesting to get some information as to all the different kinds of readers we have.

I Love reading books and would fit into quite a few of these categories that I have just researched and was surprised to find that there were so many.

If you have any comments or feedback, please leave them in the comment section below or contact me at WealthyAffiliate.com.



4 Responses

  1. Karen F Chambre says:

    I I enjoyed this post. As a psychotherapist, I have been noticing that the types of reading, writing, watching of books, film, television is usually about what the reader is struggling. I find that people use books as a means to process their difficulties. I hadn’t thought about the type of reader and will be interested in understanding this well

    • Cheryl Brown says:

      Thanks very much for your comments Karen. Until I started this post I didnt realise either that there were different types of reader so I found this an interesting report to type and I am glad that you have found this to be a help to you and hope it does give you a better understanding of what type of readers people are within your work. Glad I could be of help. xx

  2. Adrian says:

    I am just surprised to see so many different types of readers and I would think that I am a chronological reader.

    I will usually buy one book at a time and then read it before I buy another but in the last few years I was buying four to five books at a time.

    Then I would go about reading them until I got distracted and haven’t managed to finish the last lot of books that I bought.

    So I’m thinking that I must be also part of the Delayed Onset #1 type as well, as the books are sitting on a shelf next to my desk just waiting for me to get back to them and finish reading them.

    • Cheryl says:

      Thanks very much for your comment Adrian. I was the same as yourself when I was typing this as I never knew either that there were so many different classes of reading. I have about 5 or 6 books lying about the house to be read and as I love to read I tend to do it mostly at night when I go to bed as it helps me to relax. I just get lost in the story and then I forget about everything else going on. I have fell asleep a few times with the book still in my hand. I often read at night with the kindle because I have the light on my case so I can read in the dark.

      One thing I can’t do though is read more than one book at a time, I tried it once and got lost as to what story was what so I had to finish one and then go and finish the other. It is really interesting to see what categories of reader that you think you would fit into.

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