What Is Text To Speech? Read On And Find Out Here

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What Is Text To Speech? Read On And Find Out Here

Paper and Speaker for Text To Speech

We all know how hard it was when we were little and were learning to read. Children still face these same problems in this day and age so therefore, I decided to search and see what is available out there that we can use to try and help makes things a bit easier.  In my search, I came across Text To Speech. 

Briefly, here is what Text To Speech does.

  1. This technology is able to read the digital text on tablets, computers and also smartphones aloud.
  2. This is great technology for helping children who are having a struggle with their reading.
  3. Text To Speech have tools that are readily available for almost all the digital devices.

What Is Text To Speech

This is a technology which has the ability to read aloud any digital text and can sometimes be referred to as “read aloud technology”.  Text To Speech is classed as being what you would call Assistive Technology.

It is so easy to use Text To Speech, all you need is the touch of a finger or you can use the click of a button and this takes the words from any digital devices or computers and turns to an audio version. Kids who have a struggle with trying to read can find this a very helpful tool as well as it also being good for helping children to focus as well as with their writing and editing.

Here Is How Text To Speech Works


You can get Text To Speech to work on Computers, tablets and even smartphones, in fact it can work with near enough all personal digital devices.

With Text To Speech you are able to read aloud Word and Pages documents as well as all different sorts of text files. There is also the availability read online web pages.

As the voice used by Text To Speech is computer-generated, this means that you are able to speed up or slow down the reading speed and as the quality of the voice alters there are some of the voices that actually sound human. You can also find voices which also sound like a child speaking that are computer-generated.

Because the words are highlighted while they are being read out, it lets the kids see and hear the text both at the same time. This is one of the many great Text To Speech tools available for use.

Another one of the Text To Speech tools available is a technology that is known as OCR (optical character recognition) which means that text can be read aloud from pictures. Such an example of this would be if you were to get your child to capture an image of perhaps a street sign, they could then turn into audio the words that are on the sign.

Text-to-Speech – How It Can Help Your Child

Children who have reading issues can find that things like books or handouts (print materials) can be an obstacle for them in the classroom and that is simply because kids can find it a struggle being able to decode or understand the printed words that are on the page. However, with the use of digital text along with Text To Speech this can be a real help in removing these barriers.

Are you aware that your children could even be entitled to free digital Text To Speech books. Click below if you are interested in learning more about this.

As Text To Speech allows the child to be able to hear and see the text when reading, this then enables the creation of a multi sensory reading experience.

It has been discovered by Researchers that when using the combination of being able to both hear and see the text whilst reading, that it helps to

  • Enhance the word recognition.
  • Boosts the skill of paying attention as well as being able to retain the information while reading.
  • Lets the kids focus on understanding rather than sounding out the words.
  • Builds up the child’s staying power for when they have reading assignments.
  • Aids Children to identify then correct mistakes they have in their writing.

Text To Speech is similar to audio books in that it doesn’t alter the child’s development of their reading skills.


Available Text To Speech Tools

There are many different types of Text To Speech tools available and these all depend on the type of device you child is using.

Below is the different types of tools the child can use:

Built-in Text To Speech: Devices such as smartphones, Chrome, desktop and laptop computers and  digital tablets already have built-in Text To Speech tools and this means that your child has the ability to use Text To Speech and not have to purchase any special software or apps.

Web-based tools: As there are websites who already have Text To Speech tools on-site, you can for instance turn on the Reading Assist tool for our website which you will find in the lower left corner on your screen and that will allow this webpage to be read aloud. You may also find that if you have a child who has dyslexia, they may be entitled to a free Bookshare account who have digital books that may be read using Text To Speech.

You can also get access to free Text To Speech tools which are available online.

Text-to-speech apps: These apps can be downloaded on to smartphones as well as digital tablets by the Children and they can have special features such as being able to highlight text using different colours as well as having OCR. For example, these can include things such as Claro ScanPen and Voice Dream Reader.

Chrome tools: This is a nearly new programme and has a number of Text To Speech Tools including for Google Chrome there is Read & Write as well as Snap & Read Universal. Any computer which has the Chrome browser or a Chromebook are suitable for using the Text To Speech tools.

If you would like to find more information on the Chrome tools that are available for helping with reading click on the button below.

Text-to-speech software programs: For laptop and desktop computers you can also access a number of software programmes designed for literacy and as well as other tools for reading and writing, a lot of these programmes also have Text To Speech.

Some examples of these are ClaroRead, Read & Write and Kurzweil 3000. If you would like to see some more examples of these software programmes then why not visit understood.org which is an excellent website with lots of different information about Text To Speech tools.

How Can Children Access Text-to-Speech at School

If you feel that your child would get the benefit of using Text To Speech at schooL it may be an idea to first speak to your child’s teacher about the subject. If the school provides and IEP (Individualised Education Programme) or even a 504 plan for the children then your child has a right to get any assistive technology that can help them to learn.

However, some schools who do not use the IEP or 504 play may still be willing to arrange to get Text To Speech if it is going to be a help to the child.

Text To Speech can be used at home as well and why not try out one of the tools above or the options for obtaining free audio books as well as digital Text To Speech books. You could also make the decision to click on the link here to learn more about Assistive Technology for reading.

Key Points

Below are three very important key points that you can take away from this document which may be helpful to you, if not right now then perhaps in the future.

  1. When using Text To Speech, it can deliver a  multi sensory reading episode which brings together hearing with seeing.
  2. Even when using Text To Speech, the development of the reading skills in your child will not be delayed.
  3. As well as trying Text To Speech at home, the school your child attends should also provide Text To Speech.

My Opinion

When I discovered the information on Text To Speech, I had to share this with you all as I think that this Assistive Technology is great for helping children when they are learning to both read and write as it is enabling them to both see and hear the word at the same time which helps them to understand easier rather than sounding the word out.

Paper showing Text to SpeechI feel that a lot of children will benefit from the help of Text To Speech and will find less and less obstacles in their way making it easier for them to go through their school day and even being able to use it at home will be a great benefit when it comes to doing homework or even just sitting quietly and reading a book.

I hope this is a good help to parents who are perhaps worrying about their children if they are noticing that the child is having problems with reading and writing to know that there is something out there that is available and can be used to help the child.

Perhaps anyone who is a teacher or is involved in the classroom at all and didn’t know that this was available could bring up this subject within the school and have it on standby for pupils if they they are struggling and this would benefit them.

Please let me know what your opinions are on Text To Speech, or if you would like more information on the subject then get in touch and I will get back to you.

If you have any questions or feedback on this article, please leave them in the comment section below or contact me at WealthyAffiliate.com and I will be more than happy to answer them.




2 Responses

  1. Andrew Bromley says:

    This is a superb invention and i know that Text Speech will help children and some adults who find reading a problem. I know how difficult it is for children who find reading hard and sometimes a word they come across that is usual very long is the most difficult.This will revolutionise reading skills in schools if it was incorporated into the curriculum.

    • Chez says:

      Thank you for your comment Andrew, I agree with you that Text To Speech will be beneficial for both children and Adults that are having problems with reading. I really think that this is something that should be introduced for all schools for young children who are struggling with reading. I thought that I would draw attention to this invention as there are probably lots of people out there who do not even know that there is such a thing available.

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