Updated Kindle Fire 7 And Fire HD8 Now Include Alexa Support

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Updated Kindle Fire 7 And Fire HD8 Now Include Alexa Support

Different colours for Fire 7 & 8

What is being Updated in Kindle Fire 7 and HD8

The Kindle Fire 7 is to receive an update which will give it a new improved display as well as having a slimmer design. The Fire HD8 will receive a price cut of $10,

While sales of tablets are still plummeting and it looks like the iPad mini from Apple may also be on the way out, Amazon, with it’s Fire tablets from Kindle is still very much committed to the market. Regardless of what you are looking for, be it a Prime subscription or even Kindle books the online giant Amazon continues to drive additional sales by keeping their prices at an all time low.

Improvements Made For Both Models

As there appears to be a scale back on other manufacturers tablets, it has just been revealed by Amazon that their most popular Kindle models which are the Fire 7 and the Fire HD8 versions are being improved.
There are three new improvements for each model and these are:
  1. There will be a choice of 3 new colours which will be brighter hues of yellow, blue and red which are totally different to the options for the generation before. The original black will still also be available.
  2. Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa, which has become very popular will be available in both of the new models.
  3. Both Fire models will also have their own Kid’s Edition.

Kindle Fire 7

As the Fire 7 model is the cheapest and sells for as low as $30 at times, it’s feature sets are pitiful. However, it has been stated by Amazon that this latest version will have a lighter and thinner design; longer battery life and a display that has been improved and has more contrast. There is also the availability of dual-band Wi-Fi which enhances the network performance. As well as having 8GB of storage and regardless of the updates, the base model will still have it’s low price of $49.99.

Fire HD8

As the Fire HD8 comes with a superior screen which is 1,200×800 resolution, has twice the size of storage and RAM in the based model along with a longer battery life in relation to the Fire 7, the specific improvements made to the Fire HD8 is very unclear, although the price of the base model which has 16GB has been lowered by $10 and is now $79.99.

Kids Edition Versions

As Amazon has produced editions of the tablets which are especially adapted for children as they encouraged Amazon to make the devices in the first place. This set Amazon poles apart from Apple.

There are no exceptions with the new models of the Kindle Fires and there will be both a Fire 7 and Fire HD8 Kids Edition which will also be modeled on the updated versions.

The storage amount on both models will be larger, they will respectively have 16GB and 32GB. There will be a rugged case which will come in the colours pink, yellow and blue along with access to Amazon FreeTime Unlimited for a year, also a collection of digital content which will be age appropriate.

Prices for Kids Edition Versions

The prices for the special editions as follows:

  • Fire 7 Kids Edition – $99.99.
  • Fire HD8 Kids Edition – $129.99

Release Date

The shipping date for the new Kindle Fires was the 7th June and this included the Kids Editions.

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4 Responses

  1. Rina says:

    There are some great reading tools these days and I love it. I want to get each of my grandkids a Kindle reader to really encourage a love of reading. I have 8 grandkids aged up to 11 years of age. I was wondering if you might know of any bundle offers where one is able to save a little by buying bundles of ebooks as opposed to one book at a time? Just curious.

    • Chez says:

      Hi Rina, thanks for your comment and if you were to purchase one of the Kindle Fire Kids Editions you receive a years free membership to a service named Amazon Freetime Unlimited which would allow all of the children unlimited access to thousands of different content titles which are suitable for children from the ages of 3 up to 12. After the year is up then if you want to, you can carry on with FreeTime by paying a monthly subscription.

      The subscription prices are as follows:

      For one child is £3.99 per month and a family is £7.99 per month.

      However, if you are a Prime member then the prices are:

      For one child it is £1.99 per month and a family is £4.99 per month.

      Unfortunately, I couldn’t find anywhere that sells bundles of books but I thought this would maybe interest you more.

    • Ry says:

      Many libraries now have ebook programs that me you borrow from them, you check the title out for three weeks and it returns automatically. No fines!

      • Chez says:

        Thank you and I will make sure that Rina gets to see this. It is a very good thing to know as well for myself thank you.

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