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Books - How Do You Read Yours?

Early Walking Library

History of The Early Libraries

This is a photograph taken in the 1930’s showing two women in the street. One has a books case of two shelves which are stacked with the slanting spines of books. This was one of the earliest libraries known as a walking library.

6-dot cell by Braille

What Is Braille’s History?

Here is a look at the history of braille, who developed it and where it all began. Braille’s history goes a long way back to the early years of the 1800’s and was first developed by a man named Charles Barbier.

Audio Books and the power of them

My History On Audio Books

It seems that there have always been Audio books around, have you ever thought about who invented them and how and why the person did. However, there was a time when there were no audio books, so let me introduce you to my story about the audio book.

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