Release of Two New Kobo Devices

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Release of Two New Kobo Devices

Auro-one 05 from Kobo

Launch of the New Kobo Devices

2 versions of the Kobo AuraThis year has recently seen the release of two new Kobo devices, the Kobo Aura One and the Kobo Aura Edition 2. These e-readers are owned by the Canadian firm Kobo and Rakuten who are their  Japanese e-commerce firm .

With the indication that apparently competition spurs innovation, it seems that in the market of the eBook reader this is starting to point to interesting things. It has since then been suggested that perhaps Amazon should be taking a close look at the Kobo Aura One.

Features of the New Kobo’s

Kobo Aura One 2016

kobo-auraThe Aura One which was released on the 6th September is the bigger of the two versions with a 7.8-inch screen which is HD e-paper.  This e-reader has a price tag of $229.99 and was designed from scratch, it is also packed with a lot of unique features. It has a solution built-in which allows for the borrowing of books from libraries.

This e-reader has a price tag of $229.99 and was designed from scratch, it is also packed with a lot of unique features along with a solution built-in which allows for the borrowing of books from libraries.

The size of the Aura One is the same as a spacious hard covered book as well as being able to increase the size of the font without having to make the margins and line-height smaller. This means that you can read easily and not have to turn the pages too much. As well as having the largest screen, the Aura One is also one of the thinnest devices with the depth only being 6.9 mm, this makes it almost 3 millimeters smaller than the Kobo Aura H20.

As well as having the largest screen, the Aura One is also one of the thinnest devices with the depth only being 6.9 mm, this makes it almost 3 millimeters smaller than the Kobo Aura H20.

There is an internal memory of 8GB rather than the usual 4GB that other popular brands of e-readers have. This means that you can store double the amount of eBooks on the Aura One as opposed to on competing devices. Because there is a portion of the memory that is committed to system files, this device can take more than double the books.

kobo-waterproofAs there is a waterproof level of IPX8, this means that you can keep it 2 meters under the surface for one hour and it will be waterproof. It is also classed as having the highest waterproof level among the e-readers.

Another feature of the Aura One is the night mode.  This is a totally different mode than the ones in other book-reading apps and is when the background colour is made to be either dark or black with the letters being light or even white.

The Kobo Aura’s night mode is an element of the ComfortLight Pro and has the same functionality as the iPad and iPhone’s night shift or the Amazon Fire’s Blue Shade. In simple terms, this means that in the evening and when the sun goes down, the screen turns warmer. This feature boosts the blue light exposure which is given out by the LED lights that around the screen.

Visit the Kobo website and have a look at the animated gif that was made by using images from the Kobo Aura One product page.

Kobo Aura Edition 2 2016

aura-edition-2This e-reader is the classic Aura e-reader which was originally released in 2013 but has now been refreshed. The price tag for this version is $119.99 and with it, you get 4GB of internal memory as well as the front lighted screen which is 6 inches in size. However, unlike the previous version the display is not as good as the surrounding bezel.

Unfortunately, the screen doesn’t come up to the standards for 2016 and therefore it could be expected that there would be a lower price with a standard definition screen device.

To meet the present expectations, there have been some improvements made inside the device. There has been a software installed which is up to date as well as the improvement of the front light solution.

The Aura Edition 2 is a lightweight design and this makes it comfortable to hold when reading for hours. You can also read this device happily without glare in bright sunshine as well as be able to use the built-in adjustable ComfortLight to read in the dark.

With a storage capacity of up to 3000 eBooks and a battery life of up to 2 months, this makes the Aura Edition 2 so compact and portable that you can take it anywhere and be able to read a whole book on a single charge.

kobo-aura-edition-2-2016-on-a-table-840x458By having access to over 40 font sizes; 11 font types; adjustable margins; being able to highlight passages and write notes as well as having a built-in dictionary at your fingertips, you can create your own reading experience with endless possibilities when using the Aura Edition 2.

With instant access from the Aura Edition 2 to the Kobo eBookstore, you can start another book straight away after finishing one. This is very easy, with handpicked recommendations which are personal to your reading habits as well as reading ratings plus reviews from people who love books as much as yourself.

A Feature For Both Devices

One of the features that are on both of the devices is the fact that the back panel is made from a textured rubber plus there is a large power button in the colour turquoise.

Both of these devices will be continually released into the markets internationally.

The Kobo Overview

While the kobo has been swamped by the sales of the Kindle, the Kobo’s different versions of readers have managed to stay afloat because of their features such as the compatibility with the large file formats, waterproofing and the array of user-defined formatting options. As the Aura One considerably raises the stake, it has been suggested that this may make Amazon conduct new experiments.

download-28However, it is being noticed that prices for more and more eBooks are evaluating closer to hardback books even though the production cost of a digital book is lower. The sales of eBooks last year compared to the year before had fallen by 11 percent as stated by the Association of American publishers. This should surely mean that the shrinking discount among the hardcover and digital book is involved in the results.


Last year, Kobo showed sense and acquired a company named OverDrive which has led to immediate results as Overdrive is soon to be active within the Aura One. This system makes putting library books onto an e-reader easier. Rather than having all the hassle of having to sign up to a library; having to make a range of downloads on your device and needing to have the Adobe Digital Editions software which allows you to resolve the technique, on the Aura One you can borrow the books directly.

The decision to use OverDrive is clever, especially when prices of eBooks are rising as this may urge a transformation to the digital library ecosystem. However,  analysts will carefully consider other factors on the level of the device.

Aura One’s Price and Size

While the Aura One is priced at $230, it is in the same league as the Kindle Voyage from Amazon. As it is classed as a top-end e-reader, it is priced at less than the Kindle Oasis which is Amazon’s luxury-class. As the ability to borrow books from the library even if their holdings vary as well as many books being unavailable, this gives the potential of being able to save money over an average year. The library option is good for books that may only be read once.

kobo-aura-one-05As the Aura One has the 7.8-inch screen, this makes it similar in size to the digital equivalent of a hardback as opposed to a paperback, which is what the standardised six-inch screen that is on most e-readers gives you.

Apart from its size, the screen resolution of 1872 x 1404 (300 dpi) is the same as the 300 dpi that is on the Paperwhite, Voyage and Oasis versions of the Kindle. For people who prefer the font sizes larger, there is the ability to put more text on the screen and as the Aura One is only 230 grams, it is light enough to be held in one hand while reading, but its dimensions make it awkward. It does, however, lack buttons for anyone who would rather use them instead of tapping the screen when changing the pages.

Kobo Nightlight

Research has shown that sleep disruption can be caused by electronic devices when they are read late at night, but the Kobo has the ComfortLight Pro built in and with the light sensor and user-controlled settings, this may be able to help.


While noting what is already on offer with the Kobo, having the ability to be able to read a large array of file formats which includes EPUB, which can be used in different devices such as smartphones, tablets, and computers etc, means that the Aura One is able to build a convincing case for itself.

One significant drawback is that the Kobo bookstore does not have the same number of books available like Amazon does. However, this is the first of the Kobo devices that somehow beats what there is to offer from Amazon.

People who are looking for an e-reader which is at the high-end should certainly make comparisons between the two before deciding more or less which is the most reliable so far or that the Kindle is the best.

If you have any comments or feedback on this article, please leave them in the comment section below or contact me at, and I will be happy to get back to you.






2 Responses

  1. Drew says:

    Very good information, I like the waterproof aspect of the Kobo. I have a lot of books already in my kindle library. Is there a way for me to access these books on the Kobo device? Can they be downloaded from my amazon account and put on the Kodo as pdf’s possibly?

    • Cheryl says:

      Hi Drew, thanks very much for your comment and I am happy to say that yes you can transfer books from the kindle to the kobo. There is a very good site online called Epubor that shows you the best and easiest ways to do the swap. I am glad that you found the article both informative and helpful enough that you would think of changing over from the kindle to the kobo. I can PM the full url for the above website if you wish or you can just go to there and type in transfer kindle books to kobo and it will show you what to do. Hope this is useful to yourself.

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