Page Flip – Another New Feature For Kindle

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Page Flip – Another New Feature For Kindle

Page Flip for Kindle

There is yet another new feature for the Kindle which allows readers to put a bookmark on the page they are reading so that they can then check references, flip between chapters or look back at previous pages. This new feature is called Page Flip.

Once the Page Flip has been enabled, by using a simple screen the page that is being read gets smaller in size plus moves to the corner of the screen so that with a second click it can be re-accessed. The reader meanwhile is able to scroll through the thumbnails (which are pixel-accurate) of the rest of the books pages to find the specific section they are after. There is also a new feature named the “bird’s eye view” and this allows the user to zoom out from a page to a chapter level.

Appeal for Fiction and Non-fiction

Below is a demonstration video of the feature which showcases a young lad who is flipping between the pages of J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Lord of the Rings” book, he is checking the locations on the map then flicking forward to check how many pages of the chapter he has left. This new feature will also be enjoyable particularly to Fantasy fans it will be so much easier for them to access family trees which are normally complicated or they can flick back to a previously read chapter. This tool will however also be of interest to readers who like non-fiction publications such as self-help or how-to articles where certain chapters or charts will be of more interest than others will. Being able to go backwards and forwards between pages proves to be useful.

Enabling Page

The Page Flip feature is available for the Kindle E-readers, the Kindle app for iOS and Android as well as for Fire tablets. If you are on an Amazon Store page of a certain book then look for the “Page Flip: Enabled” option. This free feature is already available in millions of books and there are more becoming available daily.

With the Page Flip feature, you do not need to worry about losing your place as it automatically saves the page you are reading by pinning it to the side of your screen so you can navigate it easily. Once users have flipped back and forth in the book with the tap of the pinned page they then instantly jump back to where they were reading.

Kindle Innovations

Recently, there have been other innovations from Kindle and these have included:

  • Audible Narration which this allows users to switch seamlessly between the Kindle and the Audible versions of their books.
  • Whispersync for Voice – this feature is available for Fire tablets, the free Kindle app for iOS and Android as well as Alexa.
  • Enhanced Typesetting – this includes Bookerly which is the font exclusively designed for digital screen reading.
  • Typesetting Engine – this is new from Kindle and delivers kerning, drop caps, image positioning, better text justification plus more help to customers to read faster but with less eyestrain.
  • Sharing – this allows readers to recommend a particular book to a friend or they can chat about a quote which is seen as funny with using the everyday apps and these can include WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger as well as texting, emailing and even more. Even if friends have never used a Kindle before, they can start reading a free preview of the book instantly from their tablet, PC or even their phone. The instant previews from Kindle allows users to insert free previews from Kindle books into a website or an app directly.


I think the Page Flip is a great idea for Kindle as you can now look back or forward to other things in the book and never have to try to remember where in the book you were as your page is automatically saved. Will certainly look for books now with this free feature.

If you need more information about Page Flip and other popular features you can look on Amazon’s official site at

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4 Responses

  1. Mike Lipinski says:

    I like the fact that you have such a big selection, you cover all the bases pretty much as far as apps & devices for readers. The short story contest for kids is a great idea. I’m a writer myself, and I didn’t know much about the various ways to access text. Kindle is such a popular brand now, it’s good to see what’s the latest in that field. Thanks for the great information and pretty style of your website!

    • Chez says:

      Hi Mike, thank you very much for your comment and I am pleased to hear that you were impressed with the information within and the style of my website. It is nice to get such great comments from a writer. 

  2. THEMBA says:

    HI chezbrown
    This article is very educative in that it gives me a reader an insight in how beneficial this new feature for kenlde is.The short video clearly illustrates how one expect the flip page feature is.
    IT IS interesting to note that this feature is not limited to the type of device your are using.this is what makes it good.I can enjoy this feature on almost all devices.
    ONCE MORE, thank you for this informative post.

    • Chez says:

      Hi Themba, thanks for your comment and I thought this was a good feature for the Kindle. Yes the video is very good at explaining how the page flip feature works and it is very clear as well. That was what drew my attention because a lot of the things that are introduced are only available for certain versions of the kindle where this can be used with any version. You are very welcome and I am pleased to see that you enjoyed the post.

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