Kindle Fire HD 10 Inch Tablet – Gets Alexa Hands-Free

Books - How Do You Read Yours?

Are you aware, that the new Kindle Fire HD 10 Inch Tablet has Alexa Hands Free.

Now if you are interested in knowing a whole lot more about this tablet, then do not stray away from this page, as right here is where you will be able to see for yourself all there is to know about what the Tablet has to offer.

Price, Storage and Colours

The price for this new version of the Fire HD 10 inch Tablet with Alexa Hands-Free is £149.99 and it has both 32GB and 64GB of Digital Storage. There are 3 colours available and these are as shown below:

Fire HD 10 coloursBlack  Black.
Marine Blue Blue.
Punch Red Red.

Special Offers

When you are purchasing the Kindle Fire Tablet, you have the choice that you can take it with the Special Offers. This means that when your device is put into sleep mode, then sponsored screensavers and special offers will be on display. To find out more about what this entails click here.

Features on Tablet

Listed below are the new features that you get with the new version of the 10 inch HD Fire Tablet and I am sure you will be very pleased with what they are.

  • There is the excellent 10.1″ 1080p Full HD display (1920 x 1200), plus up to 1.8 GHZ quad-core processor, there is also 2 GB of RAM as well as the battery life being up to 10 hours.
  • With over 2 million pixels, Dolby Audio and dual-band 802.nac Wi-Fi which is perfect for watching Full HD video, reading magazines, playing games, streaming content seamlessly and also stereo speakers, you will find the largest display.
  • There is now the opportunity to use the Alexa hands-free mode which is great for pausing videos, opening apps, playing music, displaying the weather, finding out the sports scores and lots more-just ask.
  • If you are the owner of a Fire Tablet which is compatible with the Alexa App or a supported Echo device, you are able to use the hands-free mode for calling, sending messages or making video calls to friends and family. You are also able to quickly connect to any other Echo devices you have round the house.
  • Because of the 32 or 64 GB of internal storage which is expandable by almost 256GB when using a microSD slot, plus if you have a Prime membership or a Netflix plan you have the ability to watch videos you have downloaded anywhere.
  • You have the opportunity of enjoying millions of movies, songs, Kindle eBooks, TV shows, magazines, games and Android apps which include Prime Video, Netflix, Spotify, Instagram and Facebook as well as
  • Members of Prime have unlimited access to more than a thousand books plus magazines; millions of songs as well as thousands of movies and at no extra cost there are also TV episodes.

Features In More Detail

New Bigger And Better Display

The new Fire HD 10 inch has now been given an excellent 10.1″ 1080p Full HD display (1920 x 1200) which has over 2 million pixels (224 ppi). This now lets you enjoy videos, games and widescreen movies as there is wide viewing angles, the glare is a lot less but there is also more brightness due to the impressive in-plane-switching (IPS) LCD display.

All New Fire HD 10Storage Space Has Increased

The internal storage space on the Fire HD 10 has now got a lot better and at 32GB and 64GB is the most of any of the Fire Tablets. This is a great thing for watching videos offline. With the help of a microSD card you can expand the storage by 256 GB which allows you to keep your photos; your favourite movies plus compatible apps and games beside you. There is also the free cloud storage which is unlimited which you are able to use for you content from Amazon as well as any pictures you have taken with your Fire tablet.

With Rear and Front Facing Cameras

The Fire HD 10 now has 2 MP rear-facing camera which can be used taking photos as well as being able to shoot 720p video. There is also a front-facing VGA camera which is perfect for having Skype calls with your friends and family.

Up To 30% Faster

Due to having 2x the RAM better than the previous model as well as a quad-core processor which is more powerful, the Fire  HD 10 now operates 30% faster. There are also two 1.8 GHz cores plus two 1.4 GHz cores which run simultaneously and this delivers quick app launches plus smooth games and videos and an overall marvellous performance.

Battery Life – Up To 10 Hours

As the Fire HD 10 now has mixed-use battery life of up to 10 hours, you are now able to go wherever you please

Amazon Test The Tablet

To make sure the Fire Tablets are able to survive daily life, they are tested regularly. It has been found that the Fire HD 10 is proving to be more durable as well as cheaper than the newest iPad Pro 10.5″. This came about because of the measurement results were noted after the tablets were put through tumble tests.

Amazon and Alexa

Fire Tablets and Alexa

As You all know, Alexa who is the brain at the back of the Amazon Echo is  what provides you with quick access to whatever entertainment that takes your fancy, such as music, audiobooks, video, games plus a whole lot more. To get these. you need to ask Alexa questions like show sports scores; get news. see your calendar as well as being able to control your smart home.  All you have to do is ask.

Alexa Hands-Free Now Available

When you are going to use Alexa, make sure you are connected to the Wi-Fi and all you have to do is say the word “Alexa” and she will then respond to you (even if the screen is still asleep) and you will be shown visual replies to particular questions. Now when you want to enable the hands-free mode, then to see the instructions click on here.

Alexa Set TimerDaily Chores Are Now Easier

With the help of the Fire Tablets which now have Alexa, you daily chores have just been made a whole lot easier. You just have to ask Alexa and she will set your timers and alarms, she will check your calendar as well as your shopping and to-do lists, she can also check what the traffic is like and more. You have the opportunity as well to use your voice for ordering over a million items like household or personal care articles.

Alexa Is A First Class Entertainer

Regardless of what you are trying to do, like starting a playlist, pausing a movie or even looking for a joke in a hurry, you can simply ask Alexa and then you are able to stream directly over the Wi-Fi. The voice control for Amazon Music, Prime Video, TuneIn plus more is all provided by Alexa.

Control Your Smart Home With Your Voice

Isn’t it a nice thought to know that you can just sit down to watch a movie or read a book and without having to get up again you can simply dim the lights or change the temperature on the thermostat. You can do it all just by using your voice, as you can get Alexa to work with your devices like lights, thermostats, switches, security cameras plus more from things like Philips Hue, SmartThings, Hive, Arlo, Nest, Ring plus TP-Link.

Call and Message Hands-Free

Ask Alexa to make a callIf you have friends or relatives who have a Fire Tablet that is compatible, a supported Echo device or the Alexa App then you are able to make video calls, hands-free calls as well as sending messages between each other. There is also a way you are able to connect with family and friends quickly just by asking for Alexa to drop in on Echo devices. A good example of this would be by dropping in to see what the baby’s nursery is like or even just checking in with a relative.

If you would like to know more about what you can do with making calls and sending messages then click below.

Click me Call To Action button

Entertainment On The Fire HD 10

There is so much entertainment that you can use on the Fire HD 10 and now that it has been improved then all these great features have been made even better. There is the bigger display, better reading and listening as well as being able to play games better.

Now With 1080p Full HD Display

Now with the bigger and better display, you have the ability of enjoying your favourite films as well as TV shows which are now on Prime Video, ITV Hub, BBC iPlayer, Netflix and more. As well as discovering lots and lots episodes from TV and films, you are also able to fling the content from Prime Video on to your Fire TV by using Second Screen.

If you have a membership for Prime or a subscription for Netflix, you are able to download videos which you can then watch anywhere you like, such as on a plane, in the car, on holiday and simply anywhere there is no wireless connection.

Better Reading

Entertainment on Fire HD10You are now able to read easier at night as there has been an exclusive Fire OS feature named Blue Shade which alters and enhances the backlight so that you get a more enjoyable reading experience at night.

You now have the option to choose from millions of magazine titles Kindle eBooks that you will not be able to find elsewhere with over a million titles priced at £2.99 or less. The other option you have is being able to read as many books as you want using a subscription to Kindle Unlimited which costs £7.99 a month. Find out more about Kindle Unlimited by clicking here.

Better Listening

The Amazon Digital Music Store has millions of songs from thousands of artists  and gives you all your  favourite music at your fingertips.  When you buy music on your Fire Tablet, it gets saved to your music library which allows you to play or download it whenever you want. You can however unlock more music but using Amazon Music Unlimited which would cost you £7.99 if you are a Prime member. You can still use it though for £9.99 a month even if you are not a Prime member.

If you like to listen to your books rather than reading them, you can use Audible which offers more than 200,000 audiobooks. This includes romances, thrillers, bestsellers and lots more.

Instant Game Access

You can now get instant access to more than 500,000 popular best selling and free apps. These include apps such as Spotify, Twitter and Facebook as well as getting games like Candy Crush, Subway Surfers, Jelly Saga plus much more.


I think that I know what will be at the top of my list for Christmas this year. I certainly have been very impressed with this Fire tablet and would like to be able to try one out. I love all the features it has and the fact that you can do so much with it. It has everything that I need in the one place, books to read, music to listen to, games to play and programs to watch. Really, what more could you ask for.

I love the idea of having Alexa Hands-Free and all the things you can do with Alexa.

I can honestly say that in my opinion the Fire HD 10 is certainly worth the money they are asking for it.

Plenty time still to start dropping hints for that special time at the end of the year.

If you have any questions or feedback on this article, then please leave them in the comment section below or contact me at and I will be more than happy to answer them.


(Images courtesy of Amazon)


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  1. Granny Blogger says:

    I learned a lot from your post on the new Kindle with Alexa. The lay out is very nice and I liked the photos you chose to use. But mostly You sold me on maybe getting a new Kindle. I now am going to talk my husband in to it first.LOL. Thanks for the great information.

    • Chez says:

      Hi Granny Blogger, I hope by the time you get this reply you will have already talked your husband into buying you that new kindle. Thank you for your comment and I know I also managed to sell myself one of these devices too and will be dropping plenty of hints in the lead up to Christmas. It certainly looks like the best version of the Kindle Fires and I like the fact that you would have everything in the one place.

  2. Jessica says:

    Hey! I’m so glad I found this post! I’m looking for a new Kindle for my mom for her birthday this year and I think this one might be the one! She’s been looking around for one for a few months now. Would you say this is one of the best ones? Well the best one so far!

    • Chez says:

      Hi Jessica, if I say to you that I am certainly going to drop hints for myself for christmas, it will hopefully answer your question. I would honestly say that I do think this is the best one going so far with so many good things on it plus I liked the idea that everything is in the one place and I like the idea that it also has Alexa. I think this would make an excellent gift for your mum. Thank you for your comment. 

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