Books - How Do You Read Yours?

As there are now so many different ways in which we can read books, I am dedicating this website to looking at the ways we have available to us. 

Because of the era we now live in and the fact that technology is always changing, we now have the option to read books using Electronic Devices such as a Kindle, an iPad or even your phone. There are so many different versions of the kindle which is from Amazon as well as having the Nook from Barnes and Noble which also has 6 different versions of the device and the Kobo which was released from a Toronto company named Kobo Inc.

There are braille and audio books for people who are blind or have sight problems but audio books can also be used by everyone. Lots of people use audio books when they are travelling or even on holiday as well as when they are just relaxing. 

Last of all, we have our trusty hardback and paperback books which people read all over the world. There are some people that do not like using an electrical device to read or perhaps do not own an electrical device. 




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