Hey Everyone, Look Kindle Freetime has a New Parental Dashboard

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Hey Everyone, Look Kindle Freetime has a New Parental Dashboard

New Feature for Parental Dashboard
The Dashboard is offered on both the free and paid versions of Freetime.  Amazon have also included in the Dashboard a thing they are referring to as “Discussion Cards”. These can be used to let parents get a sense of the subject matter that has been interacted with by their children. This hopefully will make it easier to have conversations on books, games and shows.
All modern Fire tablets as well as Fire TV already have this facility live on them now.

Where to Access the Dashboard


2 Responses

  1. TD Bauer says:

    This is one of my favorite features on the Kindle. All of my grand-kids have their own kindle, and their parent’s are careful to monitor what they can access and how much time time they can spend playing games.

    Kinds these days seem to always have their faces in their phones or other hand held devices. Freetime allows parents to limit use, and I love that.

    • Chez says:

      Hi, thanks for your comment and I think this is a great thing for both kids and parents. My three are older and they never had kindles when they were young but I would certainly have been happy to have this available if they had been younger.

      You are right in that kids these days are always seen with their head buried in some sort of electrical device like a phone or an iPad and for parents to be able to limit their use is worthwhile. I can only say that I am glad we never had anything like this when I was younger.

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