Updated 30th August 2021

For all the book lovers out there looking for some good books to read, why not sneak a peek here at what I came across. Being an avid book lover, I am interested to see what books are available in each of these categories.

Have I Interested You Yet?

get your next bookWhy not make yourself a cup of tea/coffee or even a glass of wine, find a nice comfortable seat and let me reveal what is available.

Although the books listed below are older books, it was suggested, that they would be talked about regularly.

As well as there being lot of popular authors, this One-Stop guide also includes books by unknown authors. Books such as indie gems along with some promising debuts, there are also books that may create conversations and debates.


There are 15 different categories for the books. Each category lists the Top 10 books available. As well, each category also offers another 40-50 additional titles worth looking for as well.

Below I have listed the 15 Categories for the books in alphabetical order.

  • Art, Architecture and Photography.
  • Business and Economics.
  • Comics and Graphic Novels.
  • Cooking and Food.
  • Essays and Literary Criticism.
  • History.
  • Lifestyle.
  • Literary Fiction.
  • Memoirs and Biographies.
  • Mysteries and Thrillers.
  • Poetry.
  • Politics and Current Events.
  • Romance and Erotica.
  • Science.
  • SF, Fantasy and Horror

If you would like to check out the books that are not in the top 10 but worth looking out for, or what else is available but not been included in the category lists, click below to see the full database.

Category Top Ten Lists

Below are the lists for the Top 10 books and their authors in each category. I am sure that you will manage to find a book that catches your interest and that you would like to read.

Category One – Art, Architecture and Photography