Eye Catching Luggage That Will Carry You Away

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As Easter is nearly upon us and a lot of people will be going on holiday, I would like to tell you all about some eye catching luggage that will carry you away and your children will be excited to use while they are away.

Regardless of whether you are flying or using any other form of transport, your children will love having their very own suitcases that they are able to wheel along just like their parents.

Now, I can hear you saying?

What Is This Luggage?

Let me introduce you to the MiniMax Carry On Trolley Suitcase which has a Backpack and also a special pouch on the front where the child can put their favourite Teddy Bear, their special doll or their action figure and the luggage comes in two colours.

Size of Luggage

Minimax cases for childrenThe sizes below cover four parts of this luggage and these are:

  • Full Item – 45 x 35 x 20cm.
  • Body – 43 x 35 x 20cm.
  • Weight – 1.4kg.
  • Capacity – 30L.

Luggage Colours

This luggage comes in two colours and as they are suitable for both girls and boys, the colours are pink and blue.

Luggage Price

Pink child's caseThere are 4 different combinations and three different price brackets for the luggage. These are both noted below:

  • For £19.99 you can purchase 1 blue and 1 pink case
  • For £24.99 you can purchase either 2 blue or 2 pink cases.
  • For £36.99 you can purchase either of the following combinations – 2 blue cases, 2 pink cases or 1 blue and 1 pink case which all come with their own teddies.

All these cases are available from Amazon and are in stock.

Luggage Features

Listed below are features that I have yet to tell you all about and these are:

Front Pouch

The front pouch is adjustable which therefore means that it is suitable for a number of different sizes of teddies, dolls or action toys which are then able to sit perfectly in the pouch.

Special Compartment

The cases have a special compartment which is used for storing the retractable telescopic/adjustable trolley handle, the 2 wheels plus also the backpack feature (optional) when they are not being used.

Mesh Pocket

In the front the cases, there is a mesh pocket which is great for keeping things like colouring books as well as boarding passes. There is also another pocket with a zip which is great for keeping snacks or crayons.

Max’s Passport

Every owner of the MiniMax case will each receive a special Max’s Passport as well as having a Two Year Warranty which give peace of mind to parents.

My Opinion

I think these cases are really good for children, they can use the trolley style to pull them along while walking beside their parents who also have cases. There is the pouch in the front for them to put their favourite toy, teddy or even their action toys and there are also two pockets on the front, one is mesh and is great to put things like magazines or books, even their boarding passes and the other one is smaller pocket with a zip which could be used for storing snacks or things like pens or crayons.

The child can also use the case as a backpack, they can take the wheels and handle off and store it in a special compartment which means that it is easy for them to carry on to a plane or train or even just in the car.

I know that when my own children were younger and we were going on holiday, they always loved to have their own bag which they used to hold their toys, books, magazines and their snacks and juice to keep them going while we were travelling.

Unfortunately when they were younger,  there wasn’t such a thing as luggage especially designed just for children and most definitely not ones you were able to wheel along which is a shame, as I know my children would have been delighted to have had their own cases.

I think it is so nice to see children walking with their parents, yet pulling their own cases. They always look so proud of themselves having their own luggage, it is really important to them. It always makes me smile when I see them.

If you have children and you are going on holiday soon, do your children have their own luggage or are you interested in getting luggage for your child as a nice surprise. I would love to hear what you think about children having their own luggage, do you think this is a good idea or do you prefer to take care of their luggage yourself and carry everything for them.

If you have any questions or feedback on this article, then please leave them in the comment section below or contact me at WealthyAffiliate.com and I will be more than happy to answer them.





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