Electronic Books For One Year Olds

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Electronic Books For One Year Olds


At present, there are several different electronic books suitable for children who are one year old. They all have their own ways in how they work and how the sound is delivered.

I have researched two makers of electronic books that are available along with the book names and a short synopsis telling you what features they are offering to children.

Vtech Books

Here is an informative video which shows what features the book has.

child electronic bookTo watch this video press here

Peek A Boo

Here is an interactive book full of 6 different nursery rhymes, 3 of these are Hey Diddle Diddle, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Old McDonald. There are soft sounds with music, it has push and slide buttons and also lights. These are to help encourage the interaction of children. The pages are great because they are durable and you can wipe them clean. There are various colours and styles of the book and the batteries are already included.  The book is suitable for babies aged from 3 months old.

Baby Splash and Sing Bath Book

This is a 3-page book which can be used while the baby is in the bath. It is totally waterproof and interactive. The buttons which light up and play charming melodies are located within the pages and also introduce body parts as well as bathing. The pages are easy to clean as well as being soft and pliable, and there are over 20 songs, phrases sounds and melodies in the book. There are no batteries included but it requires 2xAAA batteries.

Disney Baby Books

There are four baby interactive books available from Disney which feature Mickey and Minnie. All 4 books have a lot of the same features available and these include fun nursery rhymes and songs, 4 buttons which are interactive along with 3 coloured lights which are believed to help your child’s stimulation. They have lots of stories for reading on coloured illustrated pages and a Try Me feature too.

The names of these books are:

  • Baby Minnie’s Picnic in the Park.
  • Mickey Mouse’s Jungle.
  • Baby Minnie Activity Book.
  • Baby Mickey’s First Book of Animals.

As well as having all the above features, Baby Minnie’s activity Book has extra features, such as being able to learn new words along with enjoying the various times of the day function as it is multi-educational. There are 6 songs which you can sing and speak with which are fun, as well as being able to read rhyming phrases, the pages are illustrated with Minnie .

Mickey Mouse Electronic BookAgain as well as having all the above features, Baby Mickey’s First Book of Animals also has the extra features like the Minnie activity Book. This lets children discover the animals as well as being able to listen to all the sounds they make. There are also illustrated pages which have Mickey with cute phrases for you to read.

This is just a small selection of the books I found while researching the electronic books for babies. You can purchase these books at a lot of different places such as Amazon or Mothercare or even places such as Supermarkets. It is wise to check around as the prices are all varied from place to place. There are others which are also available and you can look at these on Amazon as well as other places.

If you have any comments or feedback, please leave them in the comment section at the top or contact me at WealthyAffiliate.com.



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