What Is The Way You Read Books?

Books - How Do You Read Yours?

What Is The Way You Read Books?

4 of the ways you can use to read

Updated 27th July 2021

How Do You Prefer To Read? 

Being an avid reader and a lover of books, I was wondering what is the way you read your books. Do you like to use an audio book, do you prefer to use eBooks, are you a lover of just a plain old hardback or paperback book. Even if you are visually impaired, you can still get your hands on a good book with Braille.

There are so many ways now that we can both buy and read our books. I have listed some of the options below that are available to us.

  • eBooks for devices such as kindles, iPad, mobiles etc.
  • Audio books which are available as CDs, tapes as well as downloading them from websites.
  • Hardback.
  • Paperback.
  • Braille.


If you like to read eBooks, then there are different ways you can use to get them. You can buy them online from lots of places such as Amazon. There is also the ability for you to get free downloads for eBooks. This can be done on a lot of different websites such as bookboon.com.

It has been claimed it is easier to read eBooks than real books. The reasons for this are they are portable, take up little room and you then have no books lying around. The accessibility for getting eBooks is a lot easier to do and you can download them directly on to the electronic device you are planning to use. Also, as technology is always getting better, this makes it easier for you to obtain books.

Kindle showing page of bookAlong with the different versions of the Kindle now available, there is also the fact that you can download books onto devices such as your iPhone or iPad etc. To get books for the Kindle, you have to get them from Amazon.

Supermarkets such as Tesco and Sainsbury’s have websites where you can purchase eBooks. These can be read on all versions of electronic devices. Blinkbox is the site that is used by Tesco. Sainsburys Entertainment, the App store and Amazon can all be used for downloading eBooks from Sainsbury’s.

Sainsburys has the Nook and Tesco ‘have the Hudl, these are their own versions of e-readers. When looking to get Books for the Nook, you can obtain them at places like Barnes & Noble and the nook.co.uk website as well as at your local library where you are able to rent them out.

Audio Books

Earphones and Books = audio booksIf you are a person who loves to read and have limited vision or perhaps elderly but find it difficult to hold a book for long periods of time you can use Audio Books as an alternative and still be able to enjoy a good book. Audio Books can also be ideal for anyone who may have reading problems, as well as young children who are learning to read. It is still possible to lose yourself in the plot of a book and relax at the same time with an Audio Book as you are listening to someone (usually the Author or it can be someone such as an Actor etc.)

There are a number of different ways you can get Audio Books nowadays and some of these are listed above. You can always visit your local library as well and hire out Audio Books. Free audio books can also be downloaded from websites such as audible.co.uk or allyoucanbooks.com.

Here are 2 good benefits of using audio books. 

  1. You have the option to listen to them where and whenever you want. This could be on a bus or train, even just walking down the road.
  2. Other people have no idea of what it is you are listening to.

Hardback and Paperback Books

Changing the way you read your booksThere are still people who prefer to read a hardback or paperback book and these are widely available from online distributors, as well as bookshops and Supermarkets. You also have the option of visiting your library for borrowing books or you can purchase second-hand books from a wide variety of places.

The biggest difference between hardback and paperback books, the fact that the cover of a hardback is hard bound causing it to be more robust with a better quality of paper. This therefore makes the hardback books more expensive compared to the paperbacks.


How a page of Braille LooksThese books are mainly used by people who are blind or have impaired vision. The books can be obtained the same way you can get any other books. They can be downloaded free from the internet and two very good sites that offer books in braille are the braillebookstore.com and royalblind.org.

If you are interested in learning Braille, then there is a book called Braille for the Sighted. This book gives a good insight into the basics of how braille dots are made up so that people who are blind or have impaired vision can use their fingers to read books along with capital letters and numbers. There is also an introduction to the history of how braille was invented in the book. If you have an interest in reading Braille as a sighted person, then this is an excellent book to get.

Benefits of Reading

The benefits obtained from reading books is immense as they are great for keep your faculties sharp and giving your mind a mental work out, stopping it from becoming stale and unused.

I always think that people should have a goal to read more, as it is an excellent way to relax and fill in any time you may have available. Reading can also be a valuable and great way for self-educating yourself. Our mind is fed with lots of stories plus information when we are young children, Sadly though, as adults we very often neglect one of the most important tools which would be a great help to us.

A smiley face reading a bookReading is one of the best ways for improving our mind, learning new things and expanding our knowledge. It is good for helping us get and stay smart. Reading a variety of books that suit your personal preferences such as fiction, suspense, novels etc is a great way to feed your mind and spirit.

If you are looking to keep your mental faculties sharp and intact, then reading is a very good way to achieve this. It will give your mind a mental work out, this in turn help you develop your mind rather than allowing it to become stale, dormant and unused.

There are plenty of times during the day that you can pick up a book and read. This could be during work breaks or at home in the evening. You could read a few pages first thing in the morning or if you are travelling by train, bus or even flying. This time can be well utilised with a good book or if you change the way you read, you could use a kindle or an audio book instead and still enjoy a book.

If you make the choice to not read, then you won’t realise what you’re missing out on as well as missing out on current information. This could be information which may cause you to miss out on a great life experience, as well as information that may be very helpful as well as vital.

Reading On The Kindle

Screensaver for kindleI have the first version of the Kindle which I like to read books on. I like that you don’t need to keep turning the pages manually, plus there is no chance of losing your place if you need to leave the book. This is because, when you go back to reading the book, it will be on the same page. So much better than having to use a bookmark for keeping your page in a hardback or paperback book.

The cover I have for my Kindle already has a light in it which makes it a lot easier to read in the dark. The Paperwhite version of the kindle has a built in light, so there is no need for an external light. Click below if you would like more information on the Kindle devices. With the exception of the original kindle, all other kindles now have touchscreens.

What I Like To Read

I have read a wide variety of books from lots of different authors and different types of stories. I was very much a romance novel lover and have read a lot of Danielle Steel’s books. I still do read and love her books, my favourite being Remembrance which makes me cry everytime.

I Let You Go BookMore recently, I have been reading thrillers such as The Accident and The Lie from the author C.L. Taylor, these books are highly recommendable. One final book I highly recommend that you should read is I Let You Go by Clare Mackintosh. I enjoyed this from start to finish as it is full of twists and turns and has such a great story line. If you haven’t already done so, then I would say to you definitely give this book a read.


As you can see, there are lots of ways available to you now for the way you read books. These are listed at the top of this article. Even if you are not an avid reader like myself, you may find it is a great way to just chill out.

Grabbing a nice cup of tea, or even a large glass of wine and getting lost in a good book is an excellent way to relax. You get to decide how you think people look and how the story is mapping out while you keep reading.

If you have any comments or feedback, please leave them in the comment section below or contact me at Wealthy Affiliate.





16 Responses

  1. Andrei says:

    Nice article. Keep up the good work and see you around. 🙂

  2. Alix says:

    Hi I really like the article, I like both E book and paperback by the way. Have a good one.

  3. We have a saying where I live and that is read to succeed and that is so ttrue. Knowledge is power and it is this knowledge that will help us to live the lives that we always wanted. It is good to know that there are so many ways we can get this knowledge since we are in the information age. Technology has made it much easier for us to get this knowledge through its many inventions. Thanks so much for sharing.

    • Chez says:

      Thank you for your comment Norman. You are right, knowledge is power and by reading we get this knowledge which helps us to succeed and be able to live the kind of life we want to. You are very welcome and there are a lot of different ways to get books now and therefore many ways to obtain our knowledge. The advancement of technology has made things so much easier for us to get access to books.


    Hi, Cheryl thanks you for the information. Reading your post made me think how many books i have read in my life and even though I appreciate the value of a Kindle or the comfort of putting a set of headphones on and listening to a book I must admit reading a paper book, feeling the pages, the smell of the paper is still and will always remain my favourite way of reading. I read tons of books from Amazon, most of my books I actually bought from Amazon, I think it is always the best place to get the best deals

    • Chez says:

      Thanks for your comment and I am pleased to see that in reading my post it has made you recollect on the books you have read over the years as well as making you think about your favourite way of reading. I can appreciate what you are saying and as much as I like to read on the kindle, I still like to read an actual paperback book at times as well. Not so much a lover of audio books though. Amazon is a great place for getting both eBooks and paperback books. One other good thing that Amazon have is their Kindle Unlimited and Audible Unlimited where you pay a monthly fee and you can get books free for a month.

  5. Claudia says:

    I love the topic of this page. I, myself love to still read the old way, with the book in my hands. I just like the feel and texture of the book. I have tried to download the books, but I found it hard for me to read it, cause it wasn’t there for me to grab or hold. I do like it when it’s on a tablet as well. Have you ever done the audio books? If you have how do you like it?

    • Chez says:

      Hi Claudia, thank you very much for your comment and I am pleased that you loved the topic. I know there are a lot of people who prefer to still read the old way as they like the feel of having a book in their hand and turning the pages so you are not alone on that one. I like to go between both the kindle and a real book. I like to use the kindle in bed at night as I don’t keep my husband awake by having to keep the light on. I am not really a lover of audio books, I can’t get into the book when someone else is reading it to me like I can when I am reading myself. My son on the other hand loves using audio books, especially at night.

  6. freddie says:

    Hey Cheryl I do love to read books  but I like the paperback and the E books   for they are  easy to read   and I do enjoy agood mystery book as well as books about history

    this website All Book Styles  showed me a better way to read  and I will share this web site with others

    • Chez says:

      Hi Freddie, it is always nice to meet people who also have a love of reading. I am like yourself in that I like reading both paperbacks and eBooks but I find that I struggle with the hardback books. I have really started to prefer mystery and thrillers rather than romance and if you are looking for a good thriller I think you would really like I Let You Go. I do enjoy books that cover history and one I enjoyed was the story of the Massacre of Glencoe.

      Thank you so much for your comment and for saying you will share my website. It is very much appreciated.

  7. j52powell says:

    I regret that I no longer go to the book store and pick up a newspaper, a few magazines and a paperback book or two.  There is just not the time for it and news is so much more convenient online, not to mention the fact that hardly any magazines or newspapers are still in business in print.  When I am in bed I listen to podcasts, repeats of talk shows and that kind of thing.

    Seeing your post I am reminded that I could just as easily listen to an audiobook or skip the trip to the bookstore by downloading an e-book, essay or lecture.

    Thanks for the reminder.

    • Chez says:

      Hi Joe, thank you for your comment. I think that when we did not have broadband and the internet then we made the time to go out and get our books/newspapers/magazines whereas now it has been made so much easier for us to just go online and see what is happening in the world. I have never listened to a podcast or anything like that.

      I am pleased to see that from my post you got the idea that you could still enjoy a book by either using audio books or simply downloading what you want to read albeit an eBook, lecture or essay. All You Can Books is a great place to get material as is Bookbub. Amazon have both Audible and Kindle Unlimited that you can sign up for and pay a monthly fee and you can read whatever you want.

      You are welcome Joe.

  8. Really great post, and I totally agree that there are several ways to read books. I never knew you could enhance your ability to read with Braille, whether sighted or blind, I will definitely give it a try because I want to be a great reader forever.

    • Chez says:

      Hi Marshall, thank you for your comment and I am pleased that you liked the post. There are so many different ways to read and enjoy books now that nobody should feel left out if they are book lovers. I was surprised as well when I came across the part about being able to also learn how to read braille regardless if you have 20:20 vision or if you have problems with your sight or you are blind. I hope you find it a good experience learning braille and it would be interesting to find out how you get on. It would be nice to let others know what you have to do to learn.

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