BookBub – What is it exactly?

Do you love free and bargain books

An Introduction to BookBub

After being founded in 2012, BookBub set up its headquarters in a place named Cambridge which is in Massachusetts, USA.

They offer a free service which allows readers in their millions to find the best bargains on eBooks that have already been commended, all the while allowing both Authors and Publishers to both get new fans and find new ways to drive sales.

How Does BookBub Operate

The way in which BookBub works, is to send a personalised email to members which daily which alerts them to the best titles that are either free or deeply discounted but also match the individuals interests. These books are all selected for each person by the Editorial team.

When you sign-up for BookBub, you are asked to choose the types of books you want to receive and there are lots of categories that range from cookbooks to mysteries and even romance. We then email these+ daily to your inbox in the appropriate groups.

There is no actual sales of books from BookBub, instead they notify you daily to let you know what the available offers are for great time-limited book offers from retailers such as Barnes & Noble’s Nook Store, Apple’s iBooks, Amazon’s Kindle store as well as others.

The Staff work with the Book publishers at the sites who can be offering deals for promotional plans. They help them to decide what are the best books to introduce to the members.

As the eBooks range from both first class publishers as well as highly applauded independent authors, there is a team of experts within BookBub who have the job of making sure that it is only the best deals on the highest calibre of books you will love that is featured.

BookBub’s Commitment to Members

Because the main goal of BookBub is to make sure that they delight you by giving you great books on the best deals.

As it is the aim of BookBub to only notify you about great deals, then there is criteria they have to meet listed below

Free or Deeply Discounted: The books which are featured in the emails from BookBub are discounted greatly with often up to 90% off the original price or they can also be free.

Top Quality Content: The only books featured are bestsellers, written by a bestselling author, published by first class publishers or ones that have been given dazzling reviews by readers and critics.

Limited Time Offers: It pays to act quickly if you want the book as the featured deals are only available for a limited time.

Match Your Preferences: So that you are not notified about deals you are not interested in, we let you customise the types of books that you like when you sign up.

We will never sell your email address nor will we spam, however you do have the ability to either unsubscribe or even change the options you had made whenever you wish.


If you would like to see what other people are saying about BookBub then below are 2 links to what some of the media outlets such as Fox, The New York Times and The Boston Globe as well as Testimonials from some of the members are saying.

Overall Opinion

Do you love free and bargain booksI initially encountered BookBub through Pinterest. There were a lot of pins that were to do with books and book quotes that I had put into my Boards and one day I was sorting them out when I noticed I had quite a few the same for BookBub. As I am an avid reader and am always buying books I thought this was a good way to get new books at lower prices as well as sometimes being free.

I have managed to get 2 or 3 books and have been lucky enough that the ones I want have been the free ones. Most days though I open up the email and it is books that I am not interested in and therefore I just ignore the email.

I would certainly say that if you like books and download or buy them regularly this is a good way to see what there is on offer. You never know, one day it may be a book you have looked and looked for and couldn’t find.

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  1. Cheryl,
    As an avid reader, your article on BookBub struck a chord with me so I signed up and am now receiving daily emails with great free and discounted e-books for my Kindle.
    Thanks so very much for pointing out this service, I’m looking forward to lots more enjoyable reading material.

    1. Thank you Ed, I was the very same as yourself when I saw BookBub and signed up too. I love getting the daily emails and seeing what books are on offer. You are very welcome and I thought it was something that people like yourself that loves to read should know that these things are available to us. I am pleased to see that you were able to benefit from the post.

  2. Hi Cheryl,

    I’ve been debating whether or not to subscribe to Kindle Unlimited for a while now.

    So basically you get unlimited access to all audiobooks and ebooks for the monthly price, right?

    That seems like a pretty good deal and it might actually push me to read more. I enjoy reading but it usually comes in cycles and I tend to stop reading a book halfway through sometimes.

    It would be nice to have unlimited access because rather than paying for the physical copy and not finishing it, you can just move on to another one without having to worry about that.


    1. Hi Dom, you made me laugh here as the post I put up for comment is about BookBub rather than kindle unlimited. However, to reply to your comment about kindle unlimited, yes you get access to the eBooks and Audiobooks for the price of the monthly fee and once you have finished then you swap the book for something else. 

      It is a really good way to get the books as you have so many to pick from and if you don’t finish it then you haven’t wasted the money to buy it so you don’t feel as guilty.

      I do hope that you make the decision to join up for kindle unlimited and get started reading all those books you have wanted to read for a while.



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