Black Friday At Amazon – Great Deals for 2018

Shopping bags for Black Friday

As we all know time is passing us by rather quickly and soon it will once again be Black Friday at Amazon as well as a lot of other places.

I was thinking that perhaps you would like to see what Amazon will be offering you in their Black Friday deals for this year.

Black Friday’s Date

For anyone who is not sure when Black Friday is this year, it falls on Friday 23rd November and runs over the weekend then ends at midnight on Cyber Monday which is the 26th November.  The Amazon Black Friday sale starts on Friday 16th November.

Black Friday Fun Image In the US, Black Friday immediately follows Thanksgiving. People all over the US use this time to get together with friends and family to give thanks for what they have as well as enjoying spending time together. The next morning they rise early and hit the shops to get all the Black Friday deals that are on offer. I believe that it can be rather a scary time with people fighting each other to get the last item.

It is only really in the last three to four years that Black Friday became a big thing in the UK and like the US there has been people injured and people fighting just to get the deals that were available.

I do hope that anyone reading this has never been hurt or involved in a fight when you went shopping on Black Friday.

Why Go Out To The Shops

Minions noticing it will soon be Black FridayThere has to be something said about the need to go out to the shops on Black Friday. Why not spend Black Friday at Amazon instead and shop from the comfort of your own home. Using Amazon means that there is no need to go out in the cold, you can avoid all the crowds as well as avoiding having to stand in queues.

Shopping at Amazon on Black Friday still means you will be able to find the best deals but you won’t have all the hassle that you would face going to the shops.

Incredible Deals Available

Black Friday at Amazon Deals Included in this years incredible deals from Amazon will be clothing, laptops, tools, shoes, games consoles as well as home goods plus lots more and these are all delivered to you to at home, this saves you having to carry lots of bags or awkward shaped boxes while trying to get home.

So, why not check what you have on your list that you are planning to buy and then on Black Friday, the best day to buy your items and head to Amazon from the comfort of your home and get it all online.

Take Advantage At Amazon

Shopping Cart icon for AmazonIn the US, Black Friday signifies the beginning of the Festive season meaning Christmas shopping will be on people’s minds. To make sure that you are able to take advantage of these deals, you really need to move quickly.

You will notice that some of the deals available will sell out in seconds rather than minutes and because of this, having patience is not ideal. Therefore, why not subscribe up to the Daily Deals email at Amazon and ensure that you will get all the deals and not miss out on them.

To make sure that you will never miss out on any of the savings, then check Amazon’s deals page which you will receive by email.


After visiting New York at Thanksgiving and seeing how busy it was on the Saturday never mind Black Friday, it would definitely make me decide to stay in the comfort of my own home, avoid the shops at all costs and do my shopping on Black Friday at Amazon.

To give you an indication of how busy it was, we had to walk single file and clockwise round Macy’s. It was as quick as we could get round and back out again, and that wasn’t even on Black Friday.

If you like the hustle and bustle of the shops on Black Friday, I take my hat of to you and say good luck and have fun with the crowds.

If you would like more information, have any questions or any feedback then please let me know by leaving them below. Alternatively, you can contact me at Wealthy Affiliate, where I will be very happy to answer any queries you have.





  1. Really nice short and sweet blog. I got a great insight into what thanksgiving is thanks. I really love reading and like the over all layout and how you went about writhing the book review. Maybe in future I would add some more catergories or book titles to your blog post on different genres’.

    1. Hi Joseph, thank you for your comment and I am pleased that I introduced to what Thanksgiving is. 

      I am in the process of updating some of the posts I have and I most certainly will add more categories as well as book titles covering all lots of different genres. I will keep you posted when I add some new items. 

  2. Hi Cheryl,

    Your idea of shopping at Amazon for black Friday is great.  

    I am from the U.S., and due to my dislike of standing in lines, I made it a practice not to shop in a store after Thanksgiving.  I live overseas now and celebrate the holidays differently, so I don’t do much shopping.

    However, your article posed a shift in my thinking because although when I used to shop for Christmas gifts, I did it all online, now I am more aware of the stores offering specific deals during this time, and I didn’t think about this before.  I haven’t been in a shop during this season is such a long time – I’m truly grateful for online shopping.  

    I wonder if delivery costs will increase slightly if the online sells increase significantly.  What do you think?

    1. Hi TaN,

      Thanks for your comment and I know exactly what you mean about standing in queues. I just dislike shopping as a whole and therefore I do get a lot of things from Amazon as I think they are really good. You are right though, you don’t have to just stick to Amazon as there are so many shops now that participate in Black Friday.  

      I am sure that all the Black Friday deals that shops are offering will also be available on their websites too. I don’t know about the delivery costs being raised. I think the best way to find that out is to check what they take just now for delivery and write it down then you can check when Black Friday comes and you can then compare the difference. I would say that I will be surprised if they did increase the delivery costs.

      I hope you do well with your online shopping and get some great deals. 

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