Hi, my name is Cheryl Brown and I live in Scotland, United Kingdom. I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate now for over a year and have two websites now up and running. The training I have had and the support from the Community here are second to none and I have learned so much from it all so far. I have now been an Ambassador for 20 days, this is something that I was never even working towards or had even thought about being but I am proud of myself for getting here.

Refunds for e-Book Buyers

Apple and scales

Recently it has been reported that the Electronics giant Apple have been made to cough up refunds to people who have bought e-books because of a settlement for price-fixing. State residents who have bought either electronic books or e-books via the company’s site had already started receiving compensation.

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History of The Early Libraries

Early Walking Library

This is a photograph taken in the 1930’s showing two women in the street. One has a books case of two shelves which are stacked with the slanting spines of books. This was one of the earliest libraries known as a walking library.

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The VoiceView Feature By Amazon

Kindle Voiceview Feature

May 10th 2016, we were introduced to the VoiceView feature for Kindle. It’s in the form of a USB Audio Adapter which can only be used with the Kindle Paperwhite. This feature has been created to help blind and low vision people use the Kindle. It provides text-to-speech content which helps them navigate their kindle with the help of either headphones or speakers which let you listen to it aloud.

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