An Insight Into The Nook

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An Insight Into The Nook

The Nook

Here is some research into one of the e-readers available which is called the NOOK.

Who Released The Nook

The first Nook e-reader was developed by the American book retailer company Barnes and Noble, who are stationed in New York.

Versions of the Nook

There are currently 8 versions, but only 6 are available now.

The original version of the Nook was referred to as the 1st Edition and had both 3G and WiFi. They then introduced the WiFi only model on the 21st June 2010. This no longer included the costly 3G edition and there was a white back instead of a grey one.

Just 8 weeks before Christmas in 2010 saw the introduction of the Nook Colour.  As well as selling one million copies of the Colour on Christmas day alone, it also sold millions of copies of the device in the weeks leading up to the holidays.

This was the first Android Tablet produced that had a full colour 6″ screen as well as a user-interface which had been customised. The Colour was also billed as an e-reader rather than a tablet.

The next Nook to be introduced was the Simple Touch which was released in June 2011. It has an almost square screen which is black and white. The size is 6.5 x 5 inches.

The Simple Touch with Glowlight was introduced in 2012 and has an identical squarish shape like the first version as well as having built in LED lights which are on the display.

In 2011, the Nook tablet was released and is similar to the Colour in appearance, with the key chain loop that is in the lower left corner.

Then in 2012 came the Nook HD and HD+. The HD version has the smaller 7″ screen and is available in two colours, these are Snow and Smoke.


The HD+ was only released in black and had the keychain hole in the lower left corner, the same as the colour and the tablet. It also has a 9-inch screen making it larger than the HD.

The Nook’s Features

Barnes and Noble said that when the original Nook was released, it was a unique reader and was the first time that a small colour LCD screen had been paired with an e-ink display.

They also indicated that the reading experience was similar to the early Sony and Kindle devices that users were already used to.

There was one difference, in that it allowed you check out more things in full colour as well as navigating between menus by using the colour touchscreen.

The Original Nook and the WiFi only model both had screens which were 6″ by 3.5″inches. When the Simple Touch and Simple Touch Glowlight were introduced, the screens were only 6″. They increased the size of the screen to 7″ in the Nook Colour, tablet and the HD and then further increased the size to a 9″ screen on the HD+.

The battery life of the Nook varies greatly between all the versions as you get 9 hours battery life on the HD and HD+, 9 hours without wireless on the Tablet and 8 hours without wireless on the Colour. However, on the Simple Touch with glowlight you get 1-month battery life and that is without wireless and with the glow-light on then on the Simple Touch you get 2 months battery life without wireless. On the 3G + WiFi and the WiFi only models you get 10 days battery life.

images (23)The storage between all the devices goes between 2GB for the 2 first edition versions and the 2 Simple Touch versions. The colour has 8GB, the Tablet and HD are 8-16GB and the HD+ has 16-32GB.

There are lots of other features on the Nook which you can find at (Barnes and Noble) and there is also a video tour of all the versions available as well.

The Nook Price

Listed below are the prices for each version of the device.

  • HD+ – $269.00
  • HD   – $199.00
  • Tablet – $159.00
  • Colour – $139.00
  • Simple Touch (Glowlight) – $119.00
  • Simple Touch – $99.00

It appears that both the original versions have been discontinued and are therefore no longer available.

Number of Books the Nook Holds

download (10)I have tried to find out how many books each different version of the device can hold, but the only thing I can come across was that with 32GB you can have as many as 32,000 books stored at the one time.

Pros and Cons of the Nook

Unfortunately, I could not find information on all the devices but did find the pros and cons for the Colour.

Pros of the Colour

Functionality -There are 1024 x 600 resolution and more than 16 million colours which provide vibrant graphics and pictures. This means that surfing the web as well as reading magazines and children’s pictures books are more interesting.

It has a wide viewing angle which allows users to show the text or even images to another person without it being distorted and because the glare has been reduced by the glass being laminated it means that reading outdoors will not be taxing on the eyes and for ease of reading in dim light or at night, the screen is backlit.

On the Colour, as well as having the full-colour photos, the graphics and video, the user can also navigate the functions like turning pages and pulling up menus just by swiping or tapping a finger on the screen.

Efficient Web Browser  To access the internet there is the requirement for Wi-Fi. However, there is an almost complete web browser experience with the Colour as the pages are quick to load and the navigation between the websites and the pages is easy and fast.

There are also some pre-loaded games within the “Extras” section of the device and also the option to buy Android apps from Barnes & Noble as the device is run on an Android operating system

Reading Material – The user has the option with the Colour to download different newspapers and magazines along with being able to select from over 2 million eBooks from the inventory at Barnes & Noble.

It appears that with 8GB of memory, you can store up to 5000 books which are text-based. However, the number of books that can be stored will be reduced as graphics and pictures use more memory. If more space is needed you can add 32GB.

Cons of the Colour

Large Size – As the Nook Colour weighs in at almost a pound, it is rather heavy for being an e-reader and may not be a good feature for people who need to carry it with them constantly.

Short Battery Life – The battery life on the device is rather poor as you will only get 8 hours from it and that is only if there is no Wi-Fi as the LCD colour display uses up the energy.

If you are a very keen reader, you will need to charge the battery almost every day and as the only way you can do it is by using a Nook AC adapter then you will need to make sure that you pack the adapter if you are going away.

Limited Internet Access – As the Colour can only be used with Wi-Fi. When accessing the internet, if you don’t have Wi-Fi in your home you will have to either install it or have a Wi-Fi access point close by. Because this could then entail having to make a trip to the nearest location to use the device, it could be the biggest factor in whether to buy this device or not.

Where to get Books for the Nook

There are a few websites online that you can download books onto the Nook either free of charge or to buy, but I think that Barnes & Noble have the biggest choice. Some of the other sites are, and

My Overall Opinion

While doing the research on the Nook, it seems that although it appears to be a good device for reading and storing books and has other good features as well, I personally would prefer to use the Kindle.

If you have any comments or feedback on this article, please leave them in the comment section at the top or contact me at, (link to my profile).





8 Responses

  1. criticalreader says:

    I am so glad I came across your article.

    I am a BIG book nerd and I love burying myself in the fantastic worlds of stories, but it’s not always convenient, cheap, or easy to do so. The Nook sounds like a great affordable option so I can carry at least some of my library with me.

    I’ll certainly be checking out the Nook (and Kindle) for myself in the near future!

    • Chez says:

      Hi and thanks for your comment. I am the same, I love reading and can’t leave our local supermarket without looking at the book aisle to see if there are any new books. I have never used the Nook but I do have the very first kindle and love reading books on it

      I know with the kindle that if you join Bookbub you can often get books either really cheap or sometimes you can get them free. Please feel free to have a look around at the other posts I have to do with the kindle and there is the Kobo as well that you can look at. 

  2. R.J. says:

    Hey Chezbrown, your post was awesome. I like how you differentiated between the Nook and Nook Colour.
    Also, I like how you included the prices for each device, it’s important to know that especially if people are looking to read stories like romance novels etc.
    Do you have a Nook, if so, when did you pick yours up or decided that you wanted one?
    The features you outlined are awesome, I’m a writer and I’m always looking for different devices to feature my work. Good work!

    • Chez says:

      Hi R J, thanks very much for your comment and I was pleased to see you liked the comment. I thought it was only right to differentiate between the two devices also to give the prices as they showed that they weren’t both just the same device but with a different name.

      Unfortunately I haven’t used the Nook as I was given the Kindle one year as a present and I like the kindle. I do have a friend who used the Nook and thought it was really good and enjoyed using it to read books. 

      I am pleased to see that you liked the features available on the Nook and I wish you all the best with your writing and that you have good luck with your work and the Nook. 

  3. HappyB says:

    I had never heard of the Nook before your article. It sounds fascinating and I was wondering if they are still available.
    Barnes and Noble have such a wide range of books they publish, I would have thought they would have developed the technology and improved battery life etc.
    Like you, I have a coupled of Kindles which are very light and easy to carry round.
    I am a reading addict so I love anything to do with books. Thanks for an interesting article.

    • Chez says:

      Hi, thanks very much for your comment and yes you can still purchase the Nook device. I would think that they will have also been updated in a whole manner of different features.

      I have the very first kindle that came out and still love reading books on it. 

      I am also a very big reading addict and love to read different styles of books. 

  4. Jaime says:

    I was very sad when they discontinued my model of Nook. I still have it and all the books I’ve collected on it. I’ve been wanting to get a new one, but reluctant since Barnes and Noble closed all their stores. Like you, I think the Kindle is going to be better in the long run. But I really like how my nook looks with the real book pages. It just feels more like a classic book.

    • Chez says:

      Hi Jaime, thanks very much for your comment on my post and I am sorry to hear that your model of the Nook was discontinued. I can understand your reluctance at getting a new device after the closing of Barnes and Noble stores. I would definitely recommend the kindle to you and I only have the most basic and very first version which I really enjoy using for reading.

      I think you get used to using something and grow a liking for what you have hence the reason you don’t want to change what you already have. Have you looked to see if there is anywhere else you could possibly buy another version of the Nook rather than from Barnes and Noble. 

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