Amazon To Open Bookstore in Boston

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Amazon To Open Bookstore in Boston

New Amazon Bookstore

Amazon’s Bookstore

Although the chance of kindle books going back to paper is not going to happen, Amazon have made the decision to now open a bookstore in Boston. They believe that there is still life left in the bookstores that are still selling books, and other written work which is still printed on paper.

It has been suggested, that there are older readers who will consider this a positive back to basics step. Also many are of the opinion that real paper books feel more personal. It was standard, that paper was used for the regular works of both fiction and nonfiction for centuries, and this started in the early days with the scroll.

The more hardcore readers, had a preference for the hardback novel as they thought it was the best format available.  It was suggested that if you were a true fan, then you would spend twice as much on a hardback as opposed to paperbacks.

Arrival of eBooks

first-kindleThis trend carried on till the early 2000s, which was when we had the arrival of the electronic books (eBooks) from the competitors of Amazon who had the Kindle, and the Nook from Barnes and Noble, who had the dearer price. As Amazon also allowed independent authors the chance to publish free, this made it the best winner in the hipster crowd.

As you were able to simply have your whole library there on your kindle, iPhone or Android device with the Amazon Kindle books, it meant that there was nothing extra to carry about and because of this, the popularity of having to carry round paperback and hardback books lost it’s appeal. There was also the choice to remove the kindle book from your device if you didn’t have room because of problems with the memory, and then be able to download it back on later.

hole-in-the-wall-storeIt was stated by the Boston Globe, that Amazon had begun to experiment in late 2015 by making the decision to open a Brick-and-Mortar store in Seattle. These are a bit bigger than the usual Amazon hole-in-the-wall bookstore, as it has the option for visitors. When in the store, you have the choice of either buying a hard copy, or you can order it and have it sent to your home address and finally you can also buy it for download, and put it either on your kindle or mobile app for smartphones.

Store Locations

san-diego-bookstoreIt is expected that these physical stores will not just be built in Boston, but in San Diego and Portland, with the possibility of having them in Chicago as well as New York. As well as having real books again, there will also be the ability to buy other Amazon devices and this will include the Echo speaker/microphone. Managers and Retail Associates are currently being hired and they are looking to rival the Apple iPhone stores by attracting a crowd who have the preference to read more.

As the original Amazon online store just sold books, this would feel like Amazon is returning to its roots. They did eventually decide to branch out and sold everything from the Playstation 4 consoles as well as selling bed frames made of metal. This made the site a one-stop place where you could shop for everything and anything. The review and ratings system, allows sellers to get a reputation which makes them better than the ones who just drop the item into a box and push it out the door like a used seller. It has been alleged that there will be kiosks where you can take the chance to check reviews on  books for the kindle that you may want to buy.

After making the decision of going from an online bookstore to an international market where you can get anything, it seems that Amazon are trying to make a comeback which will make them similar to what Barnes and Noble once were. However, while you are there, don’t have the expectations that you will be able to purchase things like a 4K HDTV or even a set of tools as the main focus will be on Amazon brand-name items as well as books.

visitors to Amazon BookstoreStore Visits

Will you be making any plans to visit any of the stores, to look and see what will be available in person from the Amazon Kindle book selection.

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3 Responses

  1. Shannah says:

    This is really interesting. I had no idea Amazon was opening physical brick-and-mortar stores. It feels a little odd but at the same time makes a certain amount of sense. I wonder how Barns and Noble is handling it.

    I think it makes sense because by moving so much of life online, I think we’ve actually started to appreciate life offline a bit more. Most of us will probably still go online to buy, but we’ve learned to appreciate the experience of walking into a store and testing many different products in person before buying. The same goes for the question of ebooks vs. hard copy books. I have a kindle, and love it. I also have many physical books, and love them. I use the different formats in different places for different reasons. I think what we’re discovering is that it doesn’t have to be either or. Ebooks don’t have to replace physical books just because they’re new. And they don’t have to die out because they fail to replace physical books either. We can have both. One does not make the other obsolete or superfluous.

    If one of these Amazon stores does come to Chicago, I will have to check it out!

    • Chez says:

      Hi Shannah, thank you very much for your comment on this article. I do agree with you that a lot of people who use a kindle will probably still read a paperback as well. I don’t think that they will ever do away with the original paperback and just keep eBooks as it would not be feasible for them to do that.

      I totally agree with you when you say one does not make the other obsolete in any way at all. I always think that there will be a need for both. If I hear that they open one in Chicago or are going to open one I will let you know.

  2. Spencer Smith says:

    This Is fascinating! I’m a huge book worm and I always switch from my kindle to a real book just because I miss the feel of the pages in a real book! Amazon truly is taking over… all the Barnes and Nobles are going to shut down! I will definitely visit if they open up in Dallas!

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