Amazon Produces Kindle Especially for Reading Manga

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Amazon Produces Kindle Especially for Reading Manga

Manga being read on kindle

Updated 27th July 2021

Japanese Manga

Advert for Manga comicsThe publishers of Japanese manga have at last decided after a lot of years of reluctance to finally take online distribution seriously.

As much as the convenience of having the ability to read and store manga on to a portable device has been loved by fans, there is a problem with the hardware when trying to consume comics in the same way.


download manga onto ereadersOriginally, e-readers were intended to work with text. Certainly, there may be some fancy art on the covers and even a smattering of drawings spread out within e-books but they are very much made up of words for the biggest part. However, for digital manga the story is totally different as every page is created using images that are memory-gobbling. This is not only for background and character artwork but also for the sound effects as well as the lettered dialogue.

There is also the fact that some of the more popular series can contain volumes by the dozen, you can also load manga on to an e-reader pretty quickly.

New Kindle for Reading Manga

The Japanese Amazon have decided that they are going to start selling a brand new version of their Kindle e-reader which is popular and has been designed specifically for reading manga because of the problems that were previously encountered on e-readers.

The Kindle model being used will be the Paperwhite Manga which boasts storage space of 32-gigabytes making it eight times larger than the standard version of the Paperwhite.

Manga being read on kindleTherefore, Amazon are claiming that there will be enough space on the new Kindle for around 700 collected volumes of manga, and this means that you will now have plenty material to read regardless of the length of your flight overseas. As well as the function of page-turning being quicker by 33 percent than the other models, it also allows you to flick forwards and backwards while checking earlier issues to find out what the circumstances are for the hottest scandalous storyline twist.

As there is the option that allows you to zoom in on the six inch screen wherever you wish, you will be able to appreciate all the finer details of the work from your favourite artist.

Price for Kindle Paperwhite Manga Model

reading manga on kindleThere will be two different prices for the Paperwhite Manga Model of the Kindle and these are noted below:

  1. Amazon Prime members                        12,280 yen.
  2. Other Amazon customers                       16,280 yen.

All Domestic orders for the new Paperwhite Manga Kindle can be placed here.

Overall Opinion

I personally think that this will be a great addition to the range of kindles, especially people who love to read Manga as they will now have the capacity to store more volumes without their memory being gobbled up by the images thanks to the 32-megabytes memory storage.

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5 Responses

  1. Cerulean says:

    I think that this is a great addition to the kindle line! Although I don’t use kindles, I can imagine the frustration manga fans must face when they try to download their favorite volumes of manga only to find out that the storage space has been maxed out!

    I’ll certainly give this a try rather than the standard kindle if I ever get one.

    • Cheryl says:

      Thank you for your comments and it will certainly make a big difference to people who like manga as they will be able to store a lot more on the kindle and will have no problems with the storage. I have the standard kindle and really like it for reading on it but I think if I needed to get another one I would certainly give this one a go too.

  2. Danatus says:

    Im glad to see people giving time to Manga. It may help if you also could dedicated a little of your content to Anime as well as they seem to go hand in hand. The only thing I can think that may need work is the amount of content. Looks good though.

    • Cheryl says:

      Hi Danatus, thanks for your feedback and comments on my post. I really appreciate what you are saying about Anime and will do some research about it and add it to the post which will probably eek it out a bit. Very pleased to see that you thought it looked good.

  3. Dushan says:

    Hi Cheryl, I grew up reading a lot of manga comics during my school days and remember carrying around a lot of paper books which got damaged with use. These Kindle tablets are such a good idea but I didn’t know of them till I read your article. Kids these days are so lucky to have access to such inventions. Besides think of all the trees that will be saved.

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