All New Kindle Oasis – Arriving Soon

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All New Kindle Oasis – Arriving Soon

Woman reading the Oasis

Amazon Has A New Baby

It appears that there is yet another version of a Kindle on the horizon. Amazon are releasing the All New Kindle Oasis which is to be the best one yet, and will be released very soon.

Kindle Oasis being read by womanNew Features Available

This New version of the Kindle Oasis is going to have some really good new features available such as being Waterproof, will have a bigger screen, Wi-Fi, 8 GB and will also have Built-In Audible. I will go into these in more detail later in this article.

Release Date For The New Kindle

The release date for the All New Kindle Oasis will be the 31st October 2017. However, if you would like to get yours delivered the day it comes out, then fear not as you can pre-order it below.



Price for the All New Kindle Oasis

As there is 3 different GB offers available for this Kindle, there is also three different prices as well.

Price one is for the 8 GB Wi-Fi and comes in at £229.99.

Price Two is for 32 GB Wi-Fi and is £259.99,

Price Three is for 32 GB Wi-Fi + Free 3G and is priced at £319.99.

There is also FREE delivery available in the UK. See Details here.

Features In More Detail

Here is a more detailed account of the features that are available with the new Kindle Oasis.

  • This version will be the best version for reading because even when reading it in bright sunlight there will no glare. It will also read like printed paper and with 300 ppi, it has the largest and highest resolution 7″ display.
  • As this is the first (IPX8) Waterproof Kindle, you can read this in lots of more places than before.
  • A great new feature on this new version is the Built-in Audible which allows you access to more than 200,000 audio titles and when you pair it with Bluetooth you can also take the story with you anytime and anywhere.
  • You will have the ability to read this version comfortably for a lot longer as the ergonomic design will be thinner, lighter and it has adaptive front light as well as dedicated buttons for turning the pages.
  • A single charge on this version will last you for weeks rather than just hours.
  • With 8 GB, you can have twice the storage or if you decided to go for the 32GB then you will be able to get more audiobooks, comics, magazines and newspapers.
  • There will be a huge selection of over 5.5 million books which will include Kindle exclusives, the latest bestsellers plus more and these will all be low-priced.
  • Unlimited access will be available to rotating selection of over 1000  of titles for Prime readers to read free of charge.

Largest and Highest Resolution Display

  • Because there is a larger 7-inch 300 ppi display with the highest resolution, this lets the Kindle Oasis fit over 30% more words on the page at the default font size resulting in turning the page less.

New Design Makes it Feel Light as Paper

  • This new version of the Kindle Oasis has been designed so that it feels as light as paper which therefore makes it ideal for reading one-handed.
  • Because the new Oasis tapers right down to an ultra-thin 3.4mm display and features the strongest cover glass as well as a sleek anodised aluminium back. This therefore means that it has been designed to be lightweight as well as portable meaning that it is ideal to carry with you anywhere you want to read.

One Handed Reading is Easy

Woman reading the OasisThe new Kindle Oasis rests in your hand the same as the spine of a book and this is because the ergonomic design shifts the centre of gravity to your palm. It is easy to turn the pages either with the touch display or by using the dedicated page-turn buttons. As the page orientation rotates automatically you can choose to read with whatever hand you want to use, left or right.

Storage Capacity is Larger

As the New Kindle Oasis is available in either 8 GB or 32 GB, this enables you to have even more titles.

Lighting is Perfect Everywhere

As there is now a front light which adapts, this enables the automatic adjustment to the brightness on the display depending on the surroundings you are in. So if you are in bright sunlight outside or a room that is dimly lit inside, the display will adjust accordingly. You also have the chance to fine-tune it further depending upon personal preferences.

You can now read books your way

There are now a lot more options available which allow you to personalise the reading settings that you like such as the font sizes, the extra boldness levels, as well as having text which is left-aligned (ragged-right) plus the new accessibility features.

There is a free update which is done over-the-air and when you combine this with the larger 7-inch display which is new, it makes the reading on the all-new Kindle Oasis a lot more comfortable than before.


Here is a new feature with the all-new Kindle Oasis, it has been IPX8 rated which means that it is protected against being immersed for 60 minutes in up to 2 metres of fresh water as well as being able to withstand getting splashed if you are at the beach or if it is mistakenly dropped in a bath, pool or even a hot tub.

New Built-In Audible

Your story can go with you

Another new and great feature is the Built-in Audible. This feature gives you the opportunity to be able to listen to over 200,000 different audiobooks anytime or anywhere on your Kindle, such as when you are cooking, just wanting to rest your eyes or even whilst travelling.  Then if you pair your kindle with Bluetooth headphones or speakers you can transfer from reading to listening seamlessly. This is available using an over-the-air update which is free.

This facility gives you the chance to listen to your favourite titles being narrated by celebrities who are A-Listed as well as  being able to enjoy performances that have come from full-cast ensembles. You are also able to discover audiobooks that have Grammy awards plus more.

Appreciate More Books

My Overall Opinion

When I noticed the email I received the other day from Amazon Associates saying that there was to be an All New Kindle Oasis released on 31st October 17, I had a good look to see what new features it was going to have. Apart from the price, which I did think was a bit on the expensive side, the new design and the new features of the water proofing as well as having the built-in Audible.

I am not sure that I would pay these prices but however if I was to receive one as a present, I would most certainly not refuse or say no thanks.

With Christmas just around the corner as well, here is a good chance to drop your hints or put it on your Christmas list if you would like one of the new Kindle Oasis as a gift.

If you have any questions or feedback on this article, please leave them in the comment section below or contact me at, and I will be more than happy to answer them.






8 Responses

  1. Don says:

    I have used the kindle readers and one thing I like about them is that they give you a greater reading experience than tablets, iPads, laptops, etc. The difference maker is the e-ink technology. E-ink screen is a much better reading experience over the LCD screen that your tablets, iPads and laptops use. If your an avid reader then the Kindle reader is the way to go. It will be interesting to see how the new Kindle Oasis performs.


    • Chez says:

      Thanks Don and I agree with you that the kindle is better to read on than the iPad, tablets etc and I think it is easier on the eyes for reading as well. I am a very avid reader Don, I love reading books and I love my kindle. I have the very first kindle ever, but love reading on it. It will be interesting to see how it goes Don. I did think it looked a really good new device.

  2. Sylvia says:

    You got me at “glare-free”, “waterproof” and “build-in audibles”. 🙂

    I love reading outside but only could do with a “real” book since my e-book reader isn’t glare-free, and I also love to read in my bathtub but never could do so since my e-book reader isn’t waterproof either.
    Yes, I agree the price tag is a bit on the higher end but Christmas is around the corner and Mummy needs a new e-book reader and hubby couldn’t agree more. 🙂

    Thanks, for all the detailed information it certainly has helped to make an informed decision.

    • Chez says:

      Thank you Sylvia and this new kindle has just come at the right time for you and as I said it is time to start dropping those hints. It certainly looks like a good kindle and the fact that it is waterproof as well as having built-in audible is great too. A very good Christmas pressie for you Sylvia. Make sure you put it on that list tonight right at the top.

  3. Thanks a million for the information on this product that is so amazing and so helpful. Well detailed.

    • Chez says:

      Thanks Norman for your comments and you are very welcome. I am pleased to provide great details for this product that you are saying is so amazing.

      I hope this means that you are either going to treat yourself or drop hints and put it on your Christmas list seeing as it is not too far away till the man in the red suit appears.

  4. Holly says:

    Kindle definitely revolutionized how so many people read books, magazines and other material. I still prefer that feeling of curling up and having a good ol’ fashioned book in my hand. 🙂

    I must admit though, there are so many pros to having a device like this one. What’s your favorite thing about a Kindle?

    Hope your day is blessed and your future is bright!

    Best Wishes,

    • Chez says:

      Hi Holly
      Thank you for your comment and like yourself I like to curl up with a book in my hand. However I like to use my kindle when I am going on holiday or just on a weekend away as you can have a lot of books on your kindle and it literally takes up no space where as if you were to carry round the same amount of books then your bag or luggage could be rather heavy. The other thing I like using my kindle for is being able to read it when it’s dark as my case has a light built in and it only shines on the kindle and doesn’t keep my husband awake.

      I received the new Kindle Fire HD10 at christmas time and I am still playing around with it to see what it does but I love it already.

      Once again Holly, thank you.

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