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Books - How Do You Read Yours?

Hi I am Cheryl and I live in Bonny Scotland.

In April 2016, I made the decision to look for something that would give me an added income as well as being able to work from home.

I came across Wealthy Affiliate one day by chance and liked the look of what it was about. I decided to give it a try and have thoroughly enjoyed my time here. I will be a member here for 4 years in May 2020. I have two websites up and running, have met loads of friends and have learned so much from it all.

My website All Book Styles covers the different ways we can enjoy the pleasure of a good book. As you will be aware, there is a selection nowadays of the different ways available to us on how we can enjoy our books. There is eBooks which can be read on an electronic device such as the Kindle or Nook, you can also read on your phone, tablet or even your laptop/computer. There are audio books if you prefer to listen to someone else reading to you. These can be good for travellers. If you have problems with your sight you could use audio books but you can also get your favourite books which have been written in Braille. Lastly, we still have our hardback and paperback books for those who like the feel of a real book in their hands.

Please take some time to yourself and have a good read at what is available within this site. I bet you will find something that will be of interest to you.

I am a very avid reader and enjoy nothing better than sitting down with a good book and a nice cup of tea or even a glass of wine and waste time.

I also love spending time with my family and good friends doing lots of different things like the cinema or going for lunch. I have a a wee dog named Jake and a cat named Tootsie.

I am going to briefly introduce you to Jake and Tootsie with a couple of pictures of them both.

295This is Jake, he is just a wee bundle of fluff that everyone falls in love with when they meet him. He is a cross breed named a malshi which is a maltese and shih tzu combination. He is currently only 17 weeks old and loves nothing better than creating havoc and chasing Tootsie who loves to torment him. We got Jake from a lovely breeder who lives in Stranraer and breeds maltese and shihtzu dogs. Jake is now over 1 year old and still crazy.

259This is Tootsie, our wee cat who was 3 months old when we got her from the SSPCA, she was so scared and shy of people that it took her ages to get used to us all but she fitted in well when she got her bearings.  She is still quite timid with people she hasn’t met but is nosy if they leave anything lying on the floor. She hates loud noises and is unsure of men. Tootsie is now 2 years old and is very friendly with all the family but still does not trust other people and tends to run if they try and speak to her.

351When Tootsie and Jake first met they didn’t see eye to eye, Tootsie used to hiss at Jake or try and claw him if he went past her. If he went up the stairs she would sit on the stairs and not let him back down, he would whimper as if to say come and save me which was rather funny to see. We have had Jake now for 5 or 6 weeks and they get on great together. They go running round the house chasing each other and they both have their own beds but Jake took over Tootsie’s bed and now they have shots each or sleep together in the same bed.

This is the first time Jake climbed into the bed beside Tootsie, I think the look on her face says it all.

They are great friends with each other now and like nothing better than chasing each other all over the house. They are very funny to watch when they are playing together and if you take Jake out for a walk Tootsie loves to come as well and trots along at the back.

If you are interested to see how my journey since joining Wealthy Affiliate is going then click here.

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You will find me here most days, connecting with the other people in this great community as well as helping people like yourself.

If you have any questions or require information please leave comments below by emailing me on Cheryl@allbookstyles.com or contact me via Wealthy Affiliate,

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