5 Ways To Personalise Your Device Covers

Monogrammed cases for kindles

Kindle Cases

Covers for you kindlesDo you own a Kindle and do you have a case for it? If so, then I am going to let you know 5 of the ways in which you can personalise your cover.
There are lots of really nice cases you can pick from that are either just plain coloured and can be really bright colours such as pink, blue or even yellow down to your more basic colours like black, brown even red as well as also being able to choose patterned ones as well.

What Case Is For You?

Rather than choosing just a faux leather case in black, why not decide to visit one of the 5 sites I will tell you about and you can have a great time deciding just how you want your very own case to look.
Although the customisation of accessories started with skins, there is now a growing trend for customising mobile device accessories and you can now get things like a plastic case, a zip sleeve as well as getting a book-style cover, all of which can be personalised.
The sites that now tend to concentrate on using customisation now not only offer covers for just the devices that are more popular such as the iPhone and the iPad but also for other makes too.
you can choose the monogram design (circle or script)One of the most important things is that when using the customisation, as well as being able to select from a list of options that are available, you can also modify the designs that are already there or you even have the opportunity to make one for yourself right from scratch.

Make Your Own Cases

Listed below are 5 of the best recommended sites for customising cases for kindles as well as other devices. There should at least be one that will make you want to create your own so that no one else will have the same one.

Now however if you are not yet ready for things that are a bit more crazy, you are not obliged to place an order but you can use this opportunity to be inspired as well as comparing how much of your personality you have lost because you took the decision to choose the same cover as most other people.

Site Number One – Etsy

Etsy cases you can customiseIf you are someone who wants to have a case that no other person you meet is going to have then head over to Etsy.

At Etsy,  you will be able to see items that are totally different to what you usually see and as they are a great change to formal accessories, then here you will be able to see colourful and cute covers which are surprisingly wonderful looking that they will remind you of how it was to touch a favourite toy you once had.

When you want to find something in Etsy that you may want to personalise,  then you need to click the box saying “Customisable”  which is situated in the sidebar on the left hand side as shown below.
Find customized covers on Etsy

Etsy has two levels of customisation and these are as follows below:

  • generally, all the items are made to order
  • there are some customisation options available from shop owners.

The Made To Order Process

This process for buying consists of a contact between the seller and the possible user which will be personal and the benefit of this is that there will no automation script.

As artists at Etsy are usually able to adjust their designs to go with the device that they own, then they can give the seller a message telling them what device they own as well as giving the dimensions which are also helpful.

Always make sure that you do read the items description as you may find out that you are able to fine-tune your design such as being able to change the colour of an outside pocket.

You can always ask your seller during your conversation if there is a chance to be able to get a different option if you have been unable to find one after reading the description for the item.

One of the best ways to get a customised cover which is above what you have been offered originally is by having one-to-one interaction.

Customisation Options which are Extra

Your seller may also offer you a further way to be able to customise your cover.

As well as having the selection of textures, colours and the material to be used you also have the choice to order the cover with both a special design as well as text on it.

An example of this is from Kari Rhoads who lets you personalise Kindle cases by simply adding the monogram as well as other options for customisation.

  1. You are able to select what monogram design you want (script or circle).
  2. You have the choice of how many initials you would like (one, two or three).
  3. You have the choice of monogram colour (choose from over 20 colours).
  4. There is the choice of both a colour and pattern for the background (there are 20 to pick from).
  5. You are able to decide if you would like the spine to be either black or brown.

See below for the list of the favourite shops from Etsy that offer customised covers for the smartphone, e-reader and tablet.

  • Use Kari On Designs – so that you have a selection of background colors and patterns for custom monograms.
  • With Iris and Lilly – there is the option to add a silver embellishment which is 3/4-inch along with your initials.
  • If Using Little Pigeon Crafts – you get to make the choice of the type of font as well as the chevron fabric that you would like to use when you personalise your cover with your name.
  • At Stylish Case – you have the chance to use the fonts and colours of custom nameplates as you personalise their  plastic cases.
  • While using  Little Goddess Boutique –  you are able to pick whatever colours, nameplate designs and the fonts you want.

Site Number 2. – Caseable

One of the best destinations you can go to if you would like total control when designing your cover as well as having great fun while you create it is a site named Caseable.

With Caseable, you have access to large numbers of designs that are already available to use from things like collections by artists, typography, urban designs, trendy patterns and abstract compositions as well as vintage photos.

All the covers provided by Caseable are handmade from first-class recycled materials and there are zip sleeves, material covers and also hard cases suitable for lots of we-known versions of phones, tablets and also e-readers.

As there is some of the covers which are classed as five-star, you could be mistaken for thinking that you are dealing with a fashion brand as opposed to tech accessories.
By using the designs that are unique, you are then at the first level in allowing your case to be influenced by your personal style and then by making use of such a thing as an online customisation dashboard which is simple you can do the next level by creating a cover of your own.
Below are three of the major options although the amount of options is completely endless:
  1. you are able to select the core colour for both the outside and inside of the case.
  2. Your own artwork and photos can be added.
  3. There is the option for you to add text as well as picking up the font face as well as the colour.

Another exciting function from Caseable is that instead of designing your own cover from start to finish, you can make the decision to modify a design from an existing artist such as by taking away the picture of the front and then add your own text as well as colour as shown in the one that’s below.

Caseable customization dashboard

All the cases, sleeves and even covers have a good photo quality as well as the images being a complete bleed print. All these items are also made to order as well.  As the covers are made for particular models, if you purchase one of cases for say your iPad, you will discover that they use magnets for supporting the sleep/wake feature.

Below are 5 of the most popular artists who have their own collections on Caseable.

Site Number 3. Decal Girl

As well as there being skins, you can also purchase hard plastic cases for the iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S3 and HTC One plus the iPad which also includes the Air and the Mini Retina at Decal Girl. You also have the opportunity to either get a design that is already made or you can create one of your own.Although there are a few other established sites which initially offered skins for your mobile devices that can be customised as well as also expanding into offering cases, one of the best sites available is Decal Girl.There is the option to choose from lots of designs and you can also use a customisation panel to create your own case as you also did in Caseable. However, as there is not way that you can add additional content on the default designs, you can make the choice to either pick a design or make your very own case from scratch.One of the good points from Decal Girl is that you have the choice to decide the kind of finish you are after. You can choose from a clear finish, a shiny “high gloss” or you can go for a “matte/satin” finish which is smoother, plus the final one makes the glare and fingerprints reduced.After you finish placing your order you will automatically get a free wallpaper along with matching design delivered to your email immediately and all this is included in the purchase.

Site Number 4. Papernomad Griffin

Should the fun in personalising your covers for your devices such as the kindle end before you actually purchase it, It seems now that it doesn’t have to.

Let me introduce you to a site that offers organic cases and sleeves that you are able to doodle on and draw your own pictures. Welcome to Papernomad which is offered by Griffin.

This means that instead of having the option to personalise your case or sleeve before you buy, you have all the fun of putting whatever you want on your case/sleeve after you have bought it. You can draw or write absolutely anything at all on it, it is entirely up to you and you can keep adding to it whenever you want.

At present you are able to get the sleeves on which you are able to doodle for the iPad, iPhone, 11″ and 13″ of the MacBook Air and the Samsung Galaxy. There is also Folio cases which are available for the iPad Mini as well as the iPad 4, 3 and 2.

The sleeves and cases are made from a number of layers of both biopolymers and paper which makes this both water and tear-resistant. When you decide to start designing your Papernomad sleeve/case you can use either pen, paint, crayon or pencil and have the added assurance that it will never fade.

Site Number 5. Amazon

Did you know that you can now personalise covers for the Kindle on Amazon, without even having to leave Amazon. They now have a new section available where you have the opportunity of making a cover or skin for any of the kindle models available more personalised to suit your own needs.

A selection of skins, sleeves and cases that you are able to personalise are available for each model of the Kindle as well as for the Kindle Fire HDX, there are also elaborate Origami cases available on the list.

Although there is a limited amount of choice in the images and the designs are not as great as the ones from Caseable, you do have the option to personalise either the front, back or even both. By adding your own photo, you then open another way of being able to entirely personalise your cover.

As there is not an option to add any text, then you will need to put the persons initials that you are buying the cover for will need to be put into the photo that you are going to use.

Good Idea or Not

I personally think that being able to personalise cases for devices such as Kindles is a great idea as you can make a case that you know nobody else is ever going to have. You are also able to use the service to create beautiful and personal gifts for friends and family that would have a special touch as well as letting the person receiving the gift know you have taken that extra step to make something that they know you will treasure for a long time.

I have only listed 5 of the sites that are available for customising sleeves, skins and cases but there are probably a whole load more that are also available. The ones I have used are the ones I was most impressed with when looking to see what they had to offer with regards to how much customisation you are able to use for the cases, such as colours, if you can add your own photos as well as text and if you can customise the front and the back of the case.

I would certainly use more than one of these sites to make a customised case either for myself or even for a gift and think the ones from Papernomad would be an excellent idea for anyone who loves to draw or to just doodle as they will always be able to see their handiwork whenever they are reading their kindle or any other device they are using.

Have You Found This Helpful

I hope that you have found this post to be very helpful if you are searching for a case for any of your devices such as the Kindle and you are looking for something that is totally different to any of the other cases you have seen so far.

Please feel free to go to any of these sites and have a look at what they are offering, as well as checking to see if they do offer you what you are looking for and they allow you to do the customisation that want.

Alternatively please let me know if this post has been beneficial to you and if you have any questions or feedback on this article, please leave them in the comment section below or contact me at WealthyAffiliate.com, and I will be more than happy to answer them.






  1. Wow!!
    So many options for your gadget…it might make you more interested in the gadget than the reading!!LOL
    Thanks for the info, Cheryl.

    1. Thank you Michelle and I agree there were lots of different ways to personalise the covers and they all looked so good. You are so right, you would be more interested in the gadget than just wanting to read on it lol, and that was only 5 sites, how many more are out there waiting for us. You are very welcome and glad you liked the information Michelle.

  2. Hi Cheryl,

    I was looking for a kindle cover, I never knew there were so many options, I actually really like the thought of choosing my own fabric. I like the way you can speak to a seller to see if you can further customise the design. I think its good that they will make the service personal, i think this is a nice touch.
    I appreciate your great review and I love the look of your website, very easy to find your way around.

    1. Hi Freddy, that was like sixth sense there that I put this post up when you were looking for a cover for your kindle, it was meant to be. I am pleased that this was a good help to you as well as giving you some good ideas of different ways to make your own case. 

      Thank you for your comment on both my review and that you love my website, it meant a lot Freddie.

      I hope you get your kindle case made soon. 


  3. Awesome, although I don’t own a kindle I was thinking about getting one because of your article. Great one, I saw some covers that are really cool looking and I would be excited in getting. I really enjoyed reading about the customization on all the covers, this is really cool. I also found it quite easy navigating and finding the information I needed on your site.
    Awesome job,

    1. Hi Jesus, thanks for your comment and it was nice to see that although you don’t own a kindle, my article has inspired you enough to think about getting one. I certainly would like to make my own case if I was to get another kindle or even if I just fancied another case. I am glad that you found it easy to navigate round my site to get the information you were needing. I will say one thing to you and that is I do hope you treat yourself to a kindle, even just a basic one and that you make a great case for it and have fun reading on it as well.

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